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My Favorite Korea Drama #Chart (so far until 2013)

If you are wondering what kind of drama that I would love to calling it as "favorite", well, it seems like the needs of you to watch new box office hollywood movie on cinema or the way you just sit down like so most comfortable of you when you get the most softest of bed and blanket. Or when you just can not miss a single news of your role model idol, and the last, (this is just exactly classified my habbit), whenever the drama being re-running, however busy I will be, I'll sit nicely and watch it without denial, show my #FANDOM face! ;) 

Let's get started
1. Rooftop Prince (watch it and prepare for the awesomeness!)
2. You are Beautiful (I'm Jang Geun Seok fans and FT Island fans. CN BLUE songs also AWESOME!)
3. Tamra, The Island (the idea of this drama is make you want to be the main girl on it!)
4. Operation Proposal (it's 5 more awesome than the japanese had)
5. Bad Guy (I LOVE IT!!!!)

Yeah, so far that's it. Do you guys want to see others down list?
6. Princess Hours (I also love the sequel.)
7. Full House (I have no interest with the sequel.)
8. Will It Snow for Christmas? (my parents have no idea I love this one. But, I really do!)
9. My Girl (this is better than Boys Before Flowers, simple, rich, and fun drama.)
10. City Hunter (Lee Min Ho 4 the W!)

Well, there also these dramas that I believe you guys put them on number 1 (but not me), which are:
1. Secret Garden
1. King 2 Hearts
1. Coffee Prince
1. Boys Before Flowers (tmth, guys, tmth 4 me.)
1. What else? ;)

You why I choose those dramas besides yours, they have their own "X" FACTOR!!!!


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