Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her (draft) Ep.1

The family of Kim bore a daughter named Kim Seul Bi.
The family of Park had a son named Park Dong Ha. He was 5 years old when he watched the news of Kim Seul Bi has born.
The family of Song also came to celebrate the good news. There comes Song Han Seul, 4 years old. From the first time they were met, Kim Seul Bi was crying but then Song Han Seul held her hand and he sang a short rhyme that his father always hymned to him, and turns out the baby being calm, at sudden. The story became a great moment from both sides and wonder if their children meant to be together, one day.
The family of Choi was opening book publishing, KaYu Books Publisher. Choi Tae Wook looks very confident with what he will do in the future. While, his father, Choi Seung Yeon, as the politician, was a very cold man. There’s the moment, his father forgot Choi Tae Wook and let him be with his book publishing things while he really cares with Choi Tae Jun, his grandson, 6 years old. Choi Tae Jun really adored his father for pursuit his dream, but Choi Seung Yeon never stops to brainwash his grandson. But, there’s something inside of Choi Tae Jun, he misses his time with his father.
Then, there comes everyone is growing up.

When Song Han Seul was 11 years old, he with his father came to Kim’s family house. It was the birthday of Kim Seul Bi, her 6th birthday. 
Song Han Seul brought a present of music box. But, it’s not a normal music box, it’s actually a recording box and Song Han Seul recorded his own voice which reads a beauty childhood poetry with traditional music. They were late. They thought it will be alright, until when they’re arrived, some guards came to Song Han Seul father, Song Han Dong and whispered that there’s a fight between Kim Seul Bi father, Kim Seo Joon with family of Choi. Song Han Seul waited outside and he decided to try it, to see if it’s really a beautiful gift for dearly Kim Seul Bi. Later, he saw a door’s open a little and this little kid, Kim Seul Bi was seeking for what happened behind that door. Song Han Seul was going to come to her but his governess came and brought him to join the party. For a while, he was waited around other children. Then, later someone’s shouting, “Don’t run, Seul Bi!” From upstairs, the little girl ran away so fast, Song Han Seul saw it and one of them was his father, until suddenly he saw, everyone saw, Kim Seul Bi fell to the stairs. It was the worst moment of everyone. The kids screamed and cried. Kim Seul Bi mother was running to hold the unconscious Kim Seul Bi. Her head was bleeding. The party was over. 
Song Han Dong came to his son who’s also in shocked and they both joined the family of Kim to the hospital. Song Han Seul cried and asked his father, “Will she be alright, Sir?” and his father just held his son, “She will be. Don’t forget to give the music box to her.” Later, the news came spread out and they found that Kim Seul Bi is alive. For a week she’s in hospital and the last night before she out of the hospital, Song Han Seul finally came to see her in hospital room. Song Han Seul didn’t know about what’s going on but he saw Kim Seul Bi mother cried outside the room. They meant to bring him in to the room alone. And, he got in with his father. He brought the music box. He found Kim Seul Bi with the nurses and doctor. They were all kept silent and walked out. Kim Seul Bi was awake and sitting on the bed. But, her eyes are empty. Song Han Seul came near the bed and asking, “How are you, Kim Seul Bi?” but he didn’t get the answer. Song Han Seul smiled to her and ask again, “Are you still hurt, Kim Seul Bi?” and she didn’t respond anything. He asked his father, “What’s happening, Sir?” Then, his father pointed the music box so his son showed it to her. Son Han Seul then sit next on the bed. “Are you alright, Kim Seul Bi?” but she didn’t move at all. So, Song Han Seul said, “My father made this for you. It’s a recording box, and he let me to record my favorite poetry.” He put it to her lap. But she didn’t move. He held her hand and forced to open the music box. And, there comes the traditional music and Song Han Seul’s voice. And, Kim Seul Bi really moved. She looked at her own lap and holding that music box so tight. She touched every single thing of it. Then, Song Han Seul explained. Song Han Dong saw it and called everyone. They knew Song Han Seul is the answer. From that on, Kim Seul Bi and Song Han Seul were not seperated.
That moment, Park Dong Ha loves to help his mother at the pub. His mother was singing at the pub. Everytime he finished school, he waited his mother performance and after that, they both came home. His father was a fisher and they both always left alone at home. He loved to read news all day so when his father came back from the sea, he can talk with his father many things. By the end of the day his father will help him to do his homework. His father couldn’t read so actually Park Dong Ha is the one who teach his father. His mother always sing, but that talent seems not very natural for Park Dong Ha. There’s moment when his mother pub friends ask Park Dong Ha to sing, and it became worse. He was 12 years old. From then, he decided to keep his used hobby, read news. One of the news is the family of Kim brought the daughter to the foreign country, for rehab.

7 years later, Park Dong Ha was becoming a newspaper boy in the morning then helping his parents on the market. He finished his high school. But, he didn’t get to university. But, on the afternoon, he will go to local public library and read two-three books. He knows exactly which one is good or not. At night, he studied those books, make reviews. Their parents knew that their son is really smart and better get higher education.
The next morning, there’s the girl teenager, Kim Seul Bi. All the governesses help her to suit to go for school. She became so beautiful. But still, her looks so cold. She went to the school. She was 13 years old. She went to this very new school. She went to the middle high school. Just the exact time she drove inside the car, there’s Park Dong Ha as newspaper boy ride a bike. Kim Seul Bi saw the bike and kept looking that boy who ride it, he smiles brightly. But next to her, there’s his father, Kim Seo Jeon. For Kim Seo Jeon, ever since the incident the world seems taken his daughter away from him. Kim Seul Bi never went so expressive around him, even for just hug him. For seven years, he thought Kim Seul Bi is really sick. Until later, when they were arrived, Kim Seul Bi was surprised for all kids were so many. She used to get homeschooling. And, so many parents. Kim Seul Bi just wondered but then she kept look straight. They went to the Headmaster of School. In this school, they made an Acceleration class.  So, Kim Seul Bi took the test. And, no wonder, Kim Seul Bi is very different than any other kids who ever took the test. She has brilliant score, 100. Then, there’s the speech test, knowledge Kim Seul Bi’s interests. And, suddenly, even his father sees the moment. It was the first time he found his daughter became a debate, talk so many things, so longer than her usual talk every day, and knowledge politics nowadays. Her daughter is smart. People said it’s usual for kids with strange in society, might be a genius. Kim Seul Bi remembered all the history of the country’s politic and she can resolve the best answer for politic problems nowadays. From then, they decided to put Kim Seul Bi, she made it to the high school class.
That time, Song Han Seul is 18 years old. He was in the third grade of high school. He was the captain of book club. People adored him because he loves to join drama club, traditional music orchestra, and he’s such an artist. That day, he found that Kim Seul Bi came to his high school, he was so surprised. He thought of, “She’s just 13 years old. How come?” Then, he came to this place where Kim Seul Bi with his father in the room. Kim Seo Jeon talked to Song Han Seul alone and asked, “Take care of her. I like to make her comfortable with this new place and I know she comforts while you’re around.” When, Kim Seul Bi came to Song Han Seul, they both were smiling. Knowing there will be no strange anymore.

Turns after 6 months, Kim Seul Bi was so alone in the class. That actually, it was a very crowd class. But, none of them friends with her. Even, none of them really care about her. It’s break lunch time. She didn’t eat. She just look out to the window. She has no expression. She saw things out there where all students play on the field, but she decided to not do anything. Until later, a puppet, traditional puppet popped out out of window. Kim Seul Bi didn’t move but she looked at it. There are two puppets, and Kim Seul Bi found there’s Song Han Seul hid himself. Kim Seul Bi opened the window and they both were smiling. Song Han Seul gave her a lunch box. Song Han Seul knew her favorite, rice cake with pastel colors and beans inside of them. Kim Seul Bi gave her lunch box. Song Han Seul eat it. Kim Seul Bi was without expression again, like there things inside of her head that nobody knows, even Song Han Seul. And, after the lunch time, the school’s start again, seems like Song Han Seul didn’t even get the bother from Kim Seul Bi. So, there’s something naughty came inside of him. 
Tonight was the night celebration at the local traditional market. All the book club and drama club will performing there. Song Han Seul kidnapped her without her parents permission. It was a great night. For the first time, Kim Seul Bi found the real people, so many faces, so many fun and colors, the art festival. Suddenly, when Song Han Seul performed as poetry speech and his friends play the puppet, they’re out of the men, they asked Kim Seul Bi to sing the backsong. Kim Seul Bi then, straightly sing the music box that Song Han Seul ever gave to her. It’s a traditional song. That time, Park Dong Ha was there. He was moved by Kim Seul Bi voice. Also, Song Han Seul. It was a great night, until after the show, while they were on celebrating, all the guards came. 
They took Song Han Seul and Kim Seul Bi. Park Dong Ha saw Song Han Seul, but not Kim Seul Bi. Song Han Seul wants run away with Kim Seul Bi and Park Dong Ha decided to help them. But, Kim Seul Bi was not move at all and that makes Park Dong Ha never remember that they’ve met before. The guards so easy to catch her while Song Han Seul ran away with Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha showed the way and they’re kind of greetings one another, in this time, from this time, they’ve known each other. But, Song Han Seul saw Kim Seul Bi be drag and Song Han Seul decided to get her. Well, it’s just a simply misunderstood. Park Dong Ha after went home, he remembered Song Han Seul and he recognized the father, Song Han Dong. When Song Han Seul and Kim Seul Bi went home, their parents went mad. Kim Seul Bi kept silent while Song Han Seul tried to explain and after Song Han Seul and his father went back home. Kim Seul Bi talked, it surprised her parents, “I don’t want to be like you, Father. I will never be like you.” Just simply sentences, and Kim Seo Jeon was even more strike to her. But, Kim Seul Bi always get perfect score in any major. Kim Seo Jeon himself is a proud father, he wished for Kim Seul Bi will become a great woman politician. 

After three years of high school, Kim Seul Bi’s now 16 years old. Song Han Seul was in abroad country. They kept make letters. Kim Seul Bi last letter was about her going to be like Song Han Seul, she even wrote, "Like Han River, I will follow my dream, Oppa. Like Han River, you courage me to follow my dream."This will be the day to remember.
Kim Seo Jeon brought Kim Seul Bi and the mother to the island. It’s for a vacation. At this time, Kim Seo Jeon was being visited by Moon Won Do and Moon Na Ra. Moon Na Ra was 15 years old and still in middle high school while Kim Seul Bi already finished her study. When they both hang out together, Kim Seul Bi kept reading books while Moon Na Ra was in this madness of social media. Moon Won Do wants to bribe Kim Seo Jeon for his following years to join candidate for Prime Minister. Kim Seo Jeon was mad and he asked them to leave. Kim Seo Jeon has said, “You shouldn’t do this way, Mr Moon, or I will tell to the judges.” Moon Won Do and Moon Na Ra left. 
Kim Seo Jeon then was exhausted. Later, Kim Seo Jeon asked Kim Seul Bi, “What will you take for major for you university?” and Kim Seul Bi answered, “Literature. I want to follow Song Han Seul Oppa to literature major, Father.” Kim Seo Jeon didn’t allow it. Kim Seul Bi was surprised, she never being rejected before, “I always do what you want me to do, why not now? I beg you.” Kim Seo Jeon replied, “You’re meant to be a politician. You have no talent to be on literature.” And, that’s hurting his daughter. For the first time she stood up and left her father. They thought they could let her alone. Until, there’s this last day on the vacation. Kim Seul Bi didn’t show up. Now, everyone’s worried. It’s just a private little island. No one said of ship or cruise being sailed. They were worried. 
The truth, Kim Seul Bi being kidnapped. She didn’t know who kidnap her. She was going with a car to round the island by herself that suddenly several old men got in to the car. One of them said, “It’s simply just politic hand, my dear. I saw you that night.” Kim Seul Bi didn't know what the man talk about. He said again, “Your family try to be good politician and well, they’ve been raised their daughter very well. Won’t you scream, my child?” Kim Seul Bi didn’t scream or cry, but she pretty scared, “As the media said, you became strange in society. Well, that makes me great. You put me in no danger. Do you remember me?” He showed his face but Kim Seul Bi decided to look away to open the car's door. They’re struggling and on the cliff, she jumped out from the car. It left her stuffs inside the car. The car stopped and found no Kim Seul Bi's body on that cliff. “She must be drowned to the sea.” They decided to make the scene looks like an incident. In the morning, the guards gave the bad news to Kim Se Jeon and his wife. “It seems like she drowned to the sea. She drove the car alone and she couldn’t control it.” Both of them were mourning.
The truth, Kim Seul Bi was saved. She kept ran away that night and she found this little boat with full of local people, they went back to the country island. Kim Seul Bi was bleeding in her head, once again, then she pass out. When she woke up, she’s already on the hospital. She was awake and found her name tag, “Kim Soo Joo.” The local fisherman found her sleeping in his boat. He asked but Kim Seul Bi didn’t answer. It’s strange for her. Then, the nurse came and told that last night she had a fever and when she’s being asked about her name she said, “Kim... Soo...Joo....” while the nurse asked if that’s really her name, she said, “Yes.” Kim Soo Joo then, now is exist. She remembered everything at that night. But, she decided to become silent. Kim Soo Joo went to the orphanage but no ones really get her for her so silent and so old. But, she learned she love kids. The owner of orphanage also really glad of how grown up Kim Soo Joo. Just for near time, Kim Soo Joo became so different. She became so bright and light to children. She learns how great times to become children. She also took teaching lesson. But, there’s something more she wish to get.

Two years later was also Park Dong Ha’s graduation in literature major. He got a sholarship on this great university of the country and he decided to make his parents proud. His parents kept telling about they’re not even in school but his son’s now even get the title. Park Dong Ha was so happy and he decided to came to this big company, KaYu Books Publisher.
On that day, Kim Soo Joo, also decided to get a job on KaYu Books Publisher. They both were sitting not far while on the lining to get interview. It’s a big interview by Choi Tae Wook himself, the owner of KaYu Books Publisher. On the television, there’s the big campaign, between Politician of Moon Won Do and his competitor, Politician Kim Seo Jeon. 


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