Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep. 2

Kim Soo Joo was waking up by her weird alarm tone, it’s kids voice, “Wake up, Noona! Wake up! Wake up! Noona...Wake up!” It was the morning of the interview. Kim Soo Joo didn’t wake up. The alarm tone is getting high tunes, and still Kim Soo Joo didn’t wake up. Later, someone knocking her door and Kim Soo Joo still didn’t wake up. It was her roomate of apartment, Lee Ga In. Lee Ga In with her blonde messy hair, she beg Kim Soo Joo, “Soo Joo ssi, please, stop the alarm! It’s still 3 am!” Then, suddenly, there comes Kang Ji Hwan, a man with big black circles around his eyes, “Why it always happening every night! Kim Soo Joo! WAKE UP!” They both beg Kim Soo Joo, that actually she still didn’t wake up because she uses ear-plugged. Kang Ji Hwan didn’t bear it and he went down to the owner, Madam Hwa and they found Madam Hwa with her weird masker, they frightened because she looks like a ghost. They asked Madam Hwa to open Kim Soo Joo’s room. So, three of them get back to Kim Soo Joo’s door, that suddenly, it already opened and the alarm is off. When they opened, Kim Soo Joo was not there anymore. Suddenly, they heard Kim Soo Joo was in the bathroom and take a shower. It’s 4am, Kang Ji Hwan back to his place, where he’s a hacker. And, Lee Ga In was a martial art teacher in the building. Kim Soo Joo finished her preparation by 6am. As usual, she will preparing morning meals to everyone in living room. She woke up them with the same alarm, and they put it on the dining room and she left the house. Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In were so in desperate, they went out from their room and found the alarm and the great morning meals. They just suddenly eat them all. Later, Lee Ga In asked, “It’s odd. She supposed not got out early.” Kang Ji Hwan also thought all this time Kim Soo Joo might in the kitchen. That actually, near them there’s a big calendar and it’s written that day is Big Interview for Soo Joo! She’s applying to KaYu Books Publisher. While, they’re eating, suddenly Lee Ga In got called to pick up the children who took her class and Kang Ji Hwan also got emails about hacker fights. They back to their own business.
Lee Ga In came to these neighbor kids that actually expected for Kim Soo Joo pick them up but they found Lee Ga In faces, they were so sad and spoiled, it makes Lee Ga In so in temper on the road. That while she drove the car, she almost hit this high school, handsome boy, named Yoosung. Yoosung just smiled and be gone. Lee Ga In was in blushed.

Kim Soo Joo took the same bus with Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha was listening politic news on his radio while Kim Soo Joo read this fiction book. But, they were sitting together and put same files. Kim Soo Joo was the first one who noticed. And, that’s the first time, she looked at Park Dong Ha. Kim Soo Joo was reading this comic book where the guy was almost looks like Park Dong Ha. Kim Soo Joo internally was so interested. In her head, Kim Soo Joo was wondering as the first main woman character. Kim Soo Joo was in the full white background and someone called her from behind, “Lee Gak ssi.” She turned around and there’s Park Dong Ha came to hug her. Park Dong Ha said several sentences sounds like poetry. And, Kim Soo Joo was just, “I don’t know what are you talking about.” Turns out this comic book was comedy. She laughed alone. She kept read the book and kept looking to Park Dong Ha. Things inside of the comic became real things in front of her. And, that’s when she smiled alone and do nothing except kept reading the comic.
Park Dong Ha was listening about the opening of debate between two politicians. It’s about daily debate with different issue around government. Then he heard the announcement of politician Moon Won Do and politician Kim Seo Jeon. While, he heard that name, he saw the file on Kim Soo Joo’s lap, “Kim...Soo...Jo...” He looked at Kim Soo Joo. It’s a freak face. Park Dong Ha looked at what she read and Park Dong Ha thought it was a trash. He stop listening and asking, “Excuse me?” Kim Soo Joo turns around and her first saying, “Yes, Lee Gak ssi?” It was the name of comic character that looks like Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha knew in literature readers there kind of genre, a holic one. Park Dong Ha answered, “What did you say?” Then, Kim Soo Joo just be truthful, “You look like this character. Look!” The girl showed the cover and she said, “Your style looks like him.” Park Dong Ha was so scared. Then, he decided to get up and suddenly, his file got dropped. And, also Kim Soo Joo’s file. They both pick wrong files. Park Dong Ha was got out first, later, when Kim Soo Joo was wondering why he went out two bust stop far away from the destination of KaYu Books Publisher. “Lee Gak ssi, why are you leaving?” But, she saw people around her also scared, so she just back reading her comic book.

Park Dong Ha stop at the building of the debate will be. And, just exact moment, as the bus went off, from other side there’s Kim Seo Jeon’s car. Kim Soo Joo herself was on the side where Kim Seo Jeon could see her, but they both not look to others. 
Just for a while, Park Dong Ha took out his smartphone and captures the road of Kim Seo Jeon out from the car to the building. Kim Seo Jeon, then later there’s questions session before he went in to the building. Several questions talk about the politic issue, it’s about the international relationship against counterfeit goods. And, there’s this tricky question came from Park Dong Ha, “Mr Kim, why the negotiation needs to be in a secrecy? Where’s the civil freedom of rights?” Then, Kim Seo Jeon found that Park Dong Ha was the only one who’s not use any mic or name-tag or camera. Then, without haste Park kept question, “And when will it became open? Where will the report being told? There must be a journal evidence or publishing a book?” Kim Seo Jeon replied, “You give me a great idea. Of course, we will publish it to a book, all evidences. What is your name, kid?” And, Park Dong Ha said his name, “Literature major, Park Dong Ha. I’m from KaYu Books Publisher.” Frankly, everyone was in shocked. Kim Seo Jeon also surpised, the kid was from the family of Choi ‘s book publisher. Park Dong Ha then speak up to the press, “I promise you, Sir. In KaYu Books Publisher, we always give facts. And, only facts. Believe in us.” Kim Seo Jeon never see this kid, and it made him laughed, he replied, “Find me, then. You young spirit!” Then, he left. 
From that moment, Park Dong Ha was in this confident as he walked through all the press and the press kept talk about it. While, Kim Seo Jeon’s hand while he’s walking in was trembling, the odd things were he no longer in peace to hear that name, KaYu Books Publisher, in his head, “It must be Choi’s idea.”

From Choi’s Big House, there’s Choi Seung Yeon saw the television and was in laughed even harder. Later, Choi Tae Jun came to bring the herb tea to his grandfather, he asked, “What is it, Grandpa? What are you laughing at?” He looked at the television and there’s the announcement of KaYu Books Publisher got a trust from Politician Kim Seo Jeon to publish the evidences of secrecy negotiations. And, there’s the face of Park Dong Ha. Choi Seung Yeon said to Choi Tae Jun, “There’s no doubt of your father is the best man for that book publisher company. Look, he just made to find this brilliant kid.” Choi Seung Yeon was asking for Choi Tae Jun’s phone to call his father, “I like to ask him to raise the wage of this kid. Or not, raise his position!” Choi Tae Jun gave the phone but then, while his grandfather talked on the phone, he looked at Park Dong Ha’s face.

From the local market, Park Suzy was near the beach, shouted to Park Ri Go who in the sailing boat, “Park Dong Ha was in television! He was in television, Honey!” There also Jo Kwon and Im Yoona, were couple at workplace and Jo Kwon was trying to be romantic to Im Yoona, that turns out when it became on almost kissing, Im Yoona saw the news. Im Yoona was shouted, “Oppa!” While, Jo Kwon was in shocked and felt so embarrassed in front his colleagues.

From the foreign country, Song Han Seul also recognized that face, “Park Dong Ha?” It’s been 6 years. He got  the clip of Park Dong Ha said, “...we always give facts. And, only facts. Believe in us.” Song Han Seul still remember that night when Park Dong Ha helped him. “KaYu Books Publisher?” Then later, there’s professor talked with foreign professor then that professor came to see Song Han Seul, “How are you?” Song Han Seul said, “It’s still great day, Professor.” They both talk about Song Han Seul’s project of writing book. He meant to make the biography of Kim Seo Jeon, a memorial for Kim Seul Bi. The professor had read it and he was really moved, then he said, “It’s really sad to put it as the biography book.” Song Han Seul asked, “Why, Professor?” Then the professor said, “The truth is, Song Han Seul, it’s more like personal letters between you both rather than the relationship of father and daughter. Why don’t you make it as yours? And, from then, maybe it really moved people hearts. Now on, Kim Seo Jeon is in this up-going to get a candidate for being Prime Minister. Politic books indeed will vast to be buying by public, but will it memorial? I don’t think so.” Song Han Seul answered, “Well, if you say so, Professor. I will consider it.” The professor even add, “Those letters between you and Kim Seul Bi are really beautiful. I wish they were all fiction, and found out they were all based on true story. Hwaah... Right now, I’m being moved, Song Han Seul.” Song Han Seul replied, “Because of you, Professor, I can finally make this piece for Kim Seul Bi. I believe it’s my time to go back home.” Professor really glad to hear that and he asked, “So, you finally found which publisher will publish your work?” Then, Song Han Seul was just smiling, he came back to that footage of Park Dong Ha.

Park Dong Ha arrived at KaYu Books Publisher  and everyone paid attention to him. He proud, that’s all of his plan, all this time. He knows exactly that KaYu Books Publisher was really interested in politic issue. Park Dong Ha then came to the administration office, even they were all just in frozen. Park Dong Ha just waited and sitting with everyone. Everyone was so in hushes, Park Dong Ha also proud of it. Until he found, there’s Kim Soo Joo with still reading that comic book. She’s not far away from him. It’s like the same seat lining but there were 5 people between them. Kim Soo Joo finished the book and found Park Dong Ha looked at him, and she was smiling, she with symbol hand language, showing the cover of comic and point out to him. Park Dong Ha just felt that holic from Kim Soo Joo and made him had goosebumps.

Later, Park Dong Ha right away got called for the interview. While he walked through Kim Soo Joo, Kim Soo Joo was hymned her favorite traditional song that the music box used to play, also the one song that Park Dong Ha heard on that night art festival. While he walked through Kim Soo Joo, because though he didn’t get great voice as his mother, but he has great memory of voices, the good or bad ones. And for him, Kim Soo Joo’s voice is memorable. Park Dong Ha suddenly stop and even it has been 6 years, that voice always inside of Park Dong Ha’s head. Because on that night, he first met Song Han Seul, the politician son of Song Han Dong. Kim Soo Joo found out Park Dong Ha stop in front of her, her head was full of holic-moment. “...why, Lee Gak ssi?” Then, Park Dong Ha just step in to the other room. Park Dong Ha heard how Kim Soo Joo speak, “It can’t be she can sing that way.” He giggled. 

While Kim Soo Joo saw that sudden depart from Park Dong Ha, she felt embarrassed. Her face was blushing and she was hard in control of her goosebumps, “His look looks really like Lee Gak ssi! Akh! Kim Soo Joo, come on, be focus! There’s the interview you’ll get in!” Not far from her, there’s a television remote control, so she took it and turn on the television. And, there comes the footage of Park Dong Ha and her father, Kim Seo Jeon, shaking hands and talking about KaYu Books Publisher.

Inside of the room, Park Dong Ha was in the most safest mode of his situation. He believed he would get in after what he just did earned the trust from Politician Kim Seo Jeon. There were five judges and Park Dong Ha needs to win all of their answers. The first question came from Choi Tae Wook himself, the CEO of KaYu Books Publisher. “So, your name is...Kim...Soo...Joo?” Park Dong Ha was in shocked. He realized the file was swapped.

From outside Kim Soo Joo was suprised with Park Dong Ha just done on television with her father.

Kim Soo Joo was surprised found her father was with Park Dong Ha, the man she just met this morning, seems like he’s in everywhere. She wondered if she had been found. Her hands became wet and she went off from the waiting room.

Inside of the interview, Park Dong Ha was in shocked because the file was swapped by Kim Soo Joo. Choi Tae Wook was showing the cold smile, “Kim Soo Joo, 20 years old, gender a female? And, the last education was the college. A kindergarten teacher?”, then Park Dong Ha just begged, “Excuse me, Mr Choi. It’s been mistaken. I think I need a minute to find my file. I think it’s left on the waiting room.” They let them because they knew it was wrong file. Park Dong Ha came out and found Kim Soo Joo was not there. His face became pale, “What’s wrong with this girl?” He thought this day he would make it, perfectly. He came back to the judges room, “Where’s the file, Sir?” asked Choi Tae Wook. Park Dong Ha then said, “I am really sorry, judges. Please, Sir, let me get through this interview. I really want to work at KaYu Books Publisher.” The other judge bragged, “How can we judge you if you’re not this Kim Soo Joo? How do we know if we don’t know your background and your written test score. What do you think we’re going to ask?” Park Dong Ha back to beg, “I am really sorry. You can ask me, anything. I will answer my best.” Later, there comes the news by whispered to the judges about what he just did this morning to Politician Kim Seo Jeon. Choi Tae Wook even got the message from Choi Seung Yeong to accept this kid. “What is your name, then, Son?” and Park Dong Ha answered, “My name is Park Dong Ha. I’m from literature major. I am 25 years old. I’m interested in politics and historical books. I have a vision to be an editor for the book publisher to give our people the facts and only facts, so the people will have spirit to read books, because that’s the reason we read books, for our knowledge, for the truth.” They found Park Dong Ha didn’t mention about his appearance to Politician Kim Seo Jeon this morning. Another judge asked, “Then, why KaYu Books Publisher?” And Park Dong Ha answered, “For 19 years, KaYu Books Publisher had published so many politic books that for me gave so many influences to the people. For 19 years, this publisher never failed to put the politic books as things that people need to buy like it’s a magazine. And from then, I realized how big influence of KaYu Books Publisher for our politic in the country. Even, I had my research the last Prime Minister, once was a candidate, and before he’s a candidate, no one knows him, until he published his ever first book, his biography, edited by Tak Rena,” Tak Rena is one of the judge, “Later, the book was the highest book of the year that people bought. I read the book and I believe the book was the reason we believe on out Prime Minister until now. Then, I believe on KaYu Books Publisher. I want to be the good editor, too. And, here’s my place. KaYu Books Publisher.” Tak Rena was the one who asked him first about what questions that the judges will give to him, but then she asked again, “What’s your background, Sir?” Park Dong Ha answered, “I have a recommendation from my university, I’m the best student of my batch. I’ve been received several honoring wins of national literature championships. They were all in my CV.” Tak Rena then asked, “Yes, the only thing that we can consider of all of those great things came from your words. Should we believe your words or not?” Park Dong Ha answered, “Please, believe in me. As I believe on KaYu Books Publisher for all these years.” Later, the last judge asked, “Well, I have my last question. This file is belonged to Kim Soo Joo. Seems like this is also our candidate to join our troupe. I read this CV and this is great CV, actually.” All of the judges read the file, "By just read this CV if you’re Kim Soo Joo, I think I can see her to work in this place, first.” All the judges also agreed, “Have you read it?” Park Dong Ha was in silent. “Tell me, then. What makes you think we should pick you rather this Kim Soo Joo?” Park Dong Ha didn’t read Kim Soo Joo’s CV but he realized Kim Soo Joo’s CV is being considered. He couldn’t answer it. Choi Tae Wook asked, “We knew what you did this morning, Mr Park. You pretend to be one of our troupe. But, that’s a lie. You’ve been state about always telling facts. Or, actually you’ll say anything to make sure people believe their all are facts?” Park Dong Ha then answered, “Forgive me, Mr Choi. It is all my fault. I will not do it anymore. But, here’s the truth. I never tell any lies. If I am accepted, I’m really one of KaYu Books Publisher and people wants to know the answer of those secrecy negotiations, and here’s the right place so people will find that answer, the facts. And facts come from KaYu Books Publisher. And though I wouldn’t get accepted, at least I give you Mr Kim Seo Jeon promise to reveal the facts to KaYu Books Publisher. You might not see my CV, but I assure you, if you take me as one of yours, I promise you for the next five years and KaYu Books Publisher will find their highest golden victory.” Everyone became silent. Choi Tae Wook then said, “Thank you, Mr Park. You may dismiss.”

Park Dong Ha went out from the building and he’s very angry. He wants to punch that Kim Soo Joo so much, “That freak!” He actually wondered about her CV and the judges see it good, “If she got the job and I’m not, I will murder her!” He angry on the street and people around him so scared. Park Dong Ha was bowed for sorry to people around him. He just right away back home. At home, everyone was celebrating, at least Park Dong Ha’s appearance on national television news. Park Dong Ha didn’t tell the whole interview story but he seems poured it on the drink. Again, he’s drunk. And, again, he sang. People were sorry for what they’ve done by let him sing. It’s a little village and that’s how they were all very close. One of Park Dong Ha drunk states, “Without you guys, I am nothing. Thank you for all your courage.” Im Yoona was helping Park Suzy to do the drinks and she wondered, though her boyfriend, Jo Kwon, also drunk next to Park Dong Ha because he hates how Im Yoona still care about this guy. Park Suzy was smiled to hear that from Im Yoona, “It feels like you became my daughter, you really care about my son.”

Park Dong Ha was finished his high school, he was 18 years old. That time, he celebrated with all his friends. Then, there comes Im Yoona. She’s from 2nd year of high school and they both were couple. Im Yoona is actually one-sided love. But, Im Yoona has very confident personal. When she was freshmen in high school, she thought the way Park Dong Ha treated her was a real gesture to like her but turns out Park Dong Ha cares about her. Park Dong Ha knew about it after three months, then he told Im Yoona that he really saw her as little sister. Truthly, Im Yoona friends already heard the news about he asked her, because Im Yoona was too confident if that day would be the day she will got a proposal. Well, by years they were together, Park Dong Ha kept that secret so Im Yoona won’t get embarrased. By the end of graduation day, Im Yoona broke up (iconically) with him. Park Dong Ha smiles as he knew Im Yoona has growing up, while Im Yoona walked away and crying. Later, there’s Jo Kwon, from 1st year, and he came to Park Dong Ha. Turns out, Park Dong Ha saw that this boy likes this girl, so he couraged him to follow her.  Park Dong Ha next day started to help his parents to open the market, delivery man, bartender at his mother’s pub, and still be a newspaper boy.
It’s been two years, Park Dong Ha was very happy with what he’s doing, that by night, he found his parents were fine and happy. But, still, he’s not very good in singing, though he’s handsome and all the women likes him at the bar. There’s this moment the old man of bar owner was in birthday, and Park Dong Ha was (so easy) get drunk, he came to the stage. Everyone failed to stop him and they listened Park Dong Ha’s voice for half hour. The only one who survived was Im Yoona, she always be the first fans for Park Dong Ha at the pub, while Jo Kwon even couldn’t bear it. Im Yoona and Jo Kwon helped Park parents to brought Park Dong Ha back to the house. They both were asking why Park Dong Ha didn’t take a degree, and it came to the parents mind at night. In the morning, Park Dong Ha was sober. He was late to wake up. When he came to the living room, his parents already put warm cook and a letter. Inside of it was some of money, the letter written, go to university. Park Dong Ha then still work to collect his tuition for going to university. He started his degree at 22 years old. He went to this great name art university and he learned literature major. He has passion in it and he always got score, turns out his tuitions every year being paid by the university. He’s being a smart person of his batch. He graduated at 25 years old with great GPA, 4.00. His parents were so glad when they came to the university, even they look so silly. Park Dong Ha was a humble person but because he’s a hard-worker, his colleagues thought he’s a cold person. When they saw his parents, things went difficult to accept. But, they know Park Dong Ha is good person. Their friends said he needs to get a scholarship and be professor, but from the beginning, Park Dong Ha wants to apply a job as book publisher, the editor. And, he wishes to get that job at KaYu Books Publisher. Why? ....

Im Yoona felt embarrassed,  but Park Suzy back answer, “Don’t be. The truth is until now he never bring any girl to us. I was really afraid if he’s gay. But, finding your boyfriend, Jo Kwon ssi, he told me everything about his jealousy. I knew my son is straight. But, he might not see how great you are, Yoona. He is still reaching of something, you know. He has something he wants to do. For some reasons, he put it first than anything. You are very lucky to get Jo Kwon as your boyfriend, right now. You should be grateful. Because if not, I make sure my son is the worst thing ever for you.” Both of them were laughing. Im Yoona then said, “I know, Ma’am. Thank you.” They’re back to the dishes. But, Park Dong Ha who’s drunk also states, “Kim Soo Joo! I will find you! I will find you!” They were all wondered but they thought it meant to Kim Seo Jeon. And all drunk people said, “Yeah!!!”

That night, Kim Soo Joo went to Han River. She’s sleeping while she sat. People around her actually wondered. But, later she got a phone call. She woke up and answer it, it’s from her side job, “Where were you, Kim Soo Joo? You should be here for half hour ago.” Kim Soo Joo realized she’s late and she just ran. She left the file on the seat. She has a side job at night to be receptionist on spa for every Tuesday. She works to make sure people who stay at spa didn’t give any troubles. Some of them were homeless, but actually Kim Soo Joo helped them. When she has free time, she read other fiction books. One of her friend, Yoosung, asked about today interview, “Noona, how’s your interview?” She was laughed, “Why you kept saying I’m Noona? I’m 19 years old. We’re the same!” Yoosung was just, “Well, but you already finished your college and applying job, while I’m in this college.” She just answered, “Please, Yoosung. We’ve been work together for about a month.” Then, Yoosung try it, “Well, how is it, Soo Joo?” then she answered, “I didn’t go.” Yoosung was surprised, “What? Why? You prepared for this interview after passing the written test for three months!” Soo Joo just smiled, “I guess I never really want to work there.” Yoosung feeling bad, “Can I buy you something? Ice Cream?” Soo Joo was glad and she said yes. Yoosung went to the store section while Soo Joo was back to her book, later she was heard the timer clock, it’s been 12 o’clock in the morning. She came to the speaker and greetings everyone to have great sleep. Later, she back to her sit and in front of her there’s her bag, her suit for that day’s interview. Something is gone, she wondered and just staring her things. Yoosung came back and gave her the ice cream. Soo Joo kept staring her things for next minutes. Yoosung just staring at Soo Joo. No matter what, Soo Joo is kind of cute while she’s eating ice cream. Then suddenly, “MY FILE! Yoosung aa?” Yoosung then replied, “What?” She asked, “Will you help me take care of my place for a while? I need to go a place. Will you take care of the spa?” Yoosung said sure and even he asked if she needs a lift but she said, “Don’t. It’s not far, by the way.” She back to Han River. She ran so fast with this big cold breathing. She found that seat and she found the file. “AKH! IT’S STILL HERE!” She relieved. She back to sit there. No one’s here, anymore. She tried to control her senses. She talked to Han River, “You really good on take care of my file, Han River! Thank you!” She hugged it so tight. “Thank you,” but now, she dropped some tears, “Thank you, Han Seul Oppa.” She was hard to accept she didn’t get a chance to get that interview. That day, after she walked out from the building, she actually regrets it. She wants came in but she was decided to not back in. She just took a ride and walk around the city park and she found herself on Han River. “Oppa, how are you? Today was suppose to be my big interview to follow my dream. But, I failed, Oppa. Akh! Silly me. And, my feet bring me here, to see you. Seems like I made a wrong mistake to run away, isn’t Oppa? But, whenever I felt tremble, I found myself in peace seeing you, Oppa.” That afternoon, she just enjoying all of views with full of people until she slept. But tonight, she cried. “Oppa, I miss you. Oh, Han River, bring back my Oppa.” Yoosung was actually follow her. He found her crying. He heard about what she’s saying. Yoosung believed Soo Joo already had a boyfriend. He just feel sorry. He came to her, “Noona?” And Soo Joo was surprised, “Yoosung aa.” They both were walking to back to the spa. “Yoosung, I feel bad to let you see it.” Yoosung then said, “Noona, don’t feel bad. We all have problems. Today might your worst and I get it. Cheer up, Noona! You will have the chance!” She smiled, “Why you keep call me, Noona?” They both were laughing. In Yoosung side, he thought if he called her Noona, it might to tell himself he won’t in love with her. Yoosung gave the file so Soo Joo can get in to the spa, first, but then he wondered, “Noona, who’s that guy that you cried for? Is he dead?” Soo Joo was surprised but she smiled, “No, no. He’s... He’s out there. I just couldn’t reach him. And, this, this file, I thought I can get a chance to reach him.” Yoosung smiled then said, “You will reach him, Noona. You will find the way.” Soo Joo said, “Thank you.” Then, Soo Joo was actually back to this file, she found out the strange, “Park...Dong...Ha...?” Yoosung asked, “What is it, Noona?” Soo Joo even more suprised, “It’s not my file.”

In the morning, Park Dong Ha woke up with sober. He felt so terrible. He came out to feel the breeze of the ocean, he washed his face with cold water. Park Dong Ha then remembered about last night. By morning, he still help his parents open the market. When he’s not doing anything, he just still with his parents. He still listen the radio news. The result for yesterday debate. The result was Moon Won Do states about he’s going to enroll a candidate for Prime Minister. His daughter was still in university and got a scholarship to USA. It seems like Kim Seo Jeon didn’t win the debate, because Moon Won Do forced Kim Seo Jeon to reveal that secrecy negotiations. And, at the end, Kim Seo Jeon gave a promise to reveal it. He smiled, actually, for what he did.

He gets a good mood today. He then being asked by his parents to back home to pick up something. When he arrived there’s Kim Soo Joo, who’s waiting outside the house gate. Park Dong Ha found Kim Soo Joo brought his file. Park Dong Ha came to Kim Soo Joo and it surprised her from behind. “How dare you to come here?” Kim Soo Joo was frightened, and she gave the file, “I am really sorry. I think we were swapped the files. Today I came back to the building but they didn’t accept it. I’m really sorry. So, I try to find your address. It’’s really good house.” Park Dong Ha as a cold person just took the file, “How about you? Are you getting the interview?” Kim Soo Joo said, “I was left. I had... things to do.” Park Dong Ha then said, “Well, is there anything?” Kim Soo Joo said no, then Park Dong Ha just went inside the gate. “Wait, there’s something I would like to ask.” Park Dong Ha then stop and turn around. Kim Soo Joo then asked, “Yesterday, you came to Politician Kim Seo Jeon. Do you know him?” Park Dong Ha then laughed, “What? You, a fan of him? Your name is Kim Soo Joo, right? It similar sounds like Kim Seo Jeon.” Kim Soo Joo then asked, “ know me?” Park Dong Ha was still judge Kim Soo Joo as a holic one. “Besides you’re a freak? Why don’t you leave my home, alone?” Kim Soo Joo replied, “So, you really don’t know me?” Park Dong Ha back question, “Who are you? Why are you so important to me? Just go!” Kim Soo Joo then said, “I am really sorry to swap our files. I didn’t mean to. I just want to tell you that what you did to Politician Kim Seo Jeon is really a helping. You are really a great person, Park Dong Ha ssi. I wish you get the job on KaYu Books Publisher.” Park Dong Ha didn’t comment anything. Kim Soo Joo then walked away, but then Park Dong Ha asked, “Hey, freak!” Kim Soo Joo turn around, “Don’t show up in front of my face, again!” Kim Soo Joo had more feeling shame and she just ran away. He came in to the house and get things on the fridge, then he kind of take a look from the window and there’s still Kim Soo Joo from far. “Bad luck.” He said. He then, came out again from the house and walk to opposite road from Kim Soo Joo.

There’s a plane flew above their both sky. Both of them kind of bothered about it. Then, it came to the airport. Song Han Seul arrived.


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