Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep.4

It opens with Choi Tae Jun was in the 6th birthday party of Kim Seul Bi. Remember when Song Han Seul was late with his father? On that time, it differents with the timing for The Choi's. 
Choi Tae Jun comes with Choi Tae Wook, his father, earlier. The relationship between Choi Tae Wook, Song Han Dong, and Kim Seo Jeon actually exactly resembling the relationship between Song Han Seul and Choi Tae Jun in the future, they never try to be on argue about what happened in the past, the story of Kim Seo Jeon's parents or Choi Tae Wook's parents, which is Choi Seung Yeon. 
So, at that time, Choi Tae Wook chats with Kim Seo Jeon and for the first time, Kim Seul Bi was the one for first time noticed Choi Tae Jun. As the growing boy, he's taller than other kids and Kim Seul Bi as 6 years old really wonder who's that taller boy. Choi Tae Jun as a teenager actually didn't care about who has the party, at this time, he *and still remember* came to the party just to follow his father. So, he didn't bother for this 6 years old Kim Seul Bi.
Then, there was a time when Choi Tae Wook left him with the crowd, "Wait here, my son." So, he did wait. Many kids want to play with him but turns out he's too old so he gets bored, and later he decided to left the main hall, searching his father. 
Remember the moment when Kim Seul Bi made a peek to one room and who's inside the room? That actually, the room had several doors. Choi Tae Jun accidentally open the door and whoever in that room suddenly shouted, "What are you doing there?" And, Kim Seul Bi, the little girl got shocked misunderstood and thought they caught her peeking, so she made a sound and that's the time the face of Choi Tae Wook, Song Han Dong, and Kim Seo Jeon found Kim Seul Bi. Kim Seul Bi ran away and the three of them also chase the girl, and suddenly the fall from the stairs, happened. 
Choi Tae Jun followed his father and from upstairs, he found his father got shouted from Kim Seo Jeon who's trembling with hug the bleed and unconscious Kim Seul Bi at downstair, "How dare you?"

Then Choi Tae Jun in the future is in front of the meeting of KaYu Books Publisher. As the son of the owner, he has the responsibility on Media and Printing Department. Choi Tae Jun is graduated from PR Major and he's really great to make relationships with printing companies and all the writers and their managers. From outside, Kim Soo Joo's walking across that glass's room. A slight moment, Choi Tae Jun look a new face of Kim Soo Joo, but then he back to focus of what's important in front of him.

The morning monday is always the hardest part for Fiction Department. 
There is the young man, about 27 years old, Korean-Japanese, so handsome and with tall body, stylish, and half naked, he washed his hair on wastafel. It is the office...women room. A cleaning old woman comes in and surprises. She shouted, "OMOOOOO!!! Pervert boy! What are you doing here!!!" She pushed him out from the toilet and the man walked out and walk through the building with half naked. All the girls and men are so shocked. But, the man seems confidence with good abs he has. 
From the outside the building, a gothic girl, with a strange cold make up, came in. And, all people always scared. But, when she is going to get in the building at the lobby, there's an old man as a guard, she greetings him and the old man never fails to give her the big smile. Then, she starts to get in to the building.
From the cafe in the building, there's the european gentleman, he looks so charming with his gesture, reading book, drinking coffee, and eat croissant. Then, he look at his watch, he just get out from the cafe and walked upstairs to the second floor. Everyone adored him, kind of. He met the gothic woman and when their both arrived at the second floor, they met the half naked man. Three of them got into the Fiction Department.

Kim Soo Joo is already in front of her desk. On her desk, there are lots of things. A plate of rice cakes, fresh milk, puppet dolls, and computer. Suddenly there's the Chief of Fiction Department, Yeoh To Da. He is a very old man, around 47 years old. "Kim Soo Joo, Dal Na Rim, Mamoru, and Ciel, let's meeting!" Then, they were all going to meeting room. 
Chief Yeoh was very hard to tell them all, "Every monday morning, Dal Na Rim! Why you keep wear really weird suits? This is not the amusement park! You can't wear things like this! And, Mamoru! Half naked around the building? And went to ladies room? Keep your glasses, Mamoru! Are you doing blue live action movies here? Ciel!" Then, Ciel was the one who standing next to him and pouring out the coffee, "Why you pouring out drink? Sit, right away!" Ciel a little bit shock, but he just back to his sit, next to Kim Soo Joo. Chief Yeoh then asking all of their weekly report.

It starts with Dal Na Rim, "Section Mystery and Horror. Writer Tae Lak Gi. I really like his writing. Every chapter gives us unfinished murders, that this is only one book, after all. Then, in the end, they found the murderer was himself. He wrote the book and it looks like he's the murderer himself. Like, all of these were his own cases."
Then comes Mamoru, "Section Children and Family. Writer Vivien Lee. As a single mother, she gives us her diary and ideas to keep being a great working mother but also spend lots of times with two of her sons. She also put her sons fictions to make her writings being imaginative and adventurous."
The last is Ciel, "Section Lifestyle and Class. Writer Harry S. He is a singer and he made his songs into a book of love stories, and most of them categoried as love stories with full of Harry S lifestyle environment. But, there's also Jerry Ju, he gives us great writing about Mexican recipes in fiction story of Not Americano Restaurant draft he sent us."
Chief Yeoh really proud of them, "Well then, this week, you all find the writers and ask the contracts with them all. I believe in you." 
All of them not agreed.
Dal Na Rim said, "Were you not listening, Sir? This horror story by Writer Tae Lak Gi might writes real murder stories and he might be the real murderer!" Chief Yeoh only said, "It's fiction."
Mamoru said, "Chief Yeoh, the writer is a single mother and I'm not very great like each time I visit them. They used to love me, at sudden. If I may ask..." But Chief Yeoh only said, "It's just your thoughts."
Ciel said, "Harry S doesn't want me to come. He asks for woman, he's homophobic. And I only can then go to Jerry Ju." Chief Yeoh said, "Ask Kim Soo Joo, then." and, he talked to Kim Soo Joo, "This is your first task, Kim Soo Joo. To bring the contract with the new writer. It won't be hard for you since Harry S is the public figure and might be you can talk with people around him who knows this stuff very well. Just follow their guidances and just make sure they're not trying to let one of the matters in the contract dissapear." Kim Soo Joo said, "Yes, Sir." 
Chief Yeoh said to all, "One week!"

They were all went into lunch. As the group of freaks, they got different look from all people at cafetaria. Kim Soo Joo as usual, only eats her lunch bag. "Wah! Vegetarian Cake!" Said Mamoru, "It's really great to see your lunch everyday, Kim Soo Joo san." Kim Soo Joo replied, "Mamoru sama, too. Japanese lunch box always looks cute." Dal Na Rim just asked, "No wonder Kim Soo Joo have some weights. You eat many calories everyday. You are not like other woman, they used to keep their bodies slim. Aren't you afraid for being fat?" Kim Soo Joo answered, "I won't be fat. I just love cakes." Ciel also said, "In Europe, Kim Soo Joo body is healthy. Don't worry, Kim Soo Joo. You are still good looking!" Kim Soo Joo just blushed until there comes the Politic Department came to the cafetaria.

Choi Tae Jun from Media and Printing Department also already in the cafetaria. He found Park Dong Ha came with great bright facial. Park Dong Ha for about one week already being infamous worker in the building. Ever since his footages on TV, twice, he then always got invited to numerous politic parties. No wonder people kind of amazed when he showed up, he likes a celebrity. 
Kim Soo Joo stared at him and smile brightly. Park Dong Ha sitting not far from the fiction department and he made the long-sighted to Kim Soo Joo and Choi Tae Jun found he stared at Kim Soo Joo. The way Kim Soo Joo smiled to Park Dong Ha seems really innocent, like made Choi Tae Jun wondered. But then, Park Dong Ha just look away and never back to see her again and that Choi Tae Jun found Kim Soo Joo still look at Park Dong Ha. 

After the lunch, Ciel said, "You might want to go to Media and Printing Department, they have the address of Harry S. Like, I got his phone number from them." Kim Soo Joo said, "Yes, Sir." So, she arrived in Media Department. In Media Department, they used to work to promote the writers. In this department, the writers are celebrities. Kim Soo Joo was amazed because she met several great writers in there. 
While she's being amazed, Choi Tae Jun found Kim Soo Joo, there. "What are you looking for?" He asked. Kim Soo Joo surprised, "I was looking the senior writer, Park Boon Song. The new book, Face To Remember, her grandson as the inspiration, that reminds her of her husband. Such romantic writings. Have you read it?" Choi Tae Jun answered, "You also like the book? My grandfather might not too romantic at all." Kim Soo Joo found his nametag, "OMO... Are you Choi Tae Wook's son?"
Choi Tae Jun then even more curious and let her to come to his office. She asked for Harry S address. "Do you really know him? This Harry S?" Kim Soo Joo told him just like what Ciel said, especially about the homophobic thing. Choi Tae Jun said, "You shall not come alone. Come with Lawyer Han. He will arrange your schedule to meet up with Harry S." Kim Soo Joo then said, "Choi Tae Jun ssi, I'm still rookie in here. I mean, would it be not too much for you helping me?" From outside lots of people staring and kind of envy to Kim Soo Joo. Choi Tae Jun then laughed, "Ciel is my university close friend. Just tell them you replacing his task. But, seriously, you can't go alone to Harry S place." Kim Soo Joo then replied, "My co-worker, Nal Da Rim also need not be alone to meet Writer Tae Lak Gi. She wondered if this new writer might a real murderer. I think you also help her, Sir." Choi Tae Jun then said, "Well, I will ask Lawyer Han, too. Okay."

They both walked out from the office and everyone so hurry back to their sits. "Do you want to talk with Park Boon Song?" Kim Soo Joo surprised, "Can I?" He said, "Sure." He introduced her and suddenly Kim Soo Joo got the signed-book, then she said, "My favorite part is when you at night made the writings of your diary and seems like talk to yourself but you bravely put your deceased husband dialog in there with so funny conversation. It makes me believe how life never be so lonely at all after our love has gone." Park Boon Song really appreciated the girl's thought, "You will be a great lady." Choi Tae Jun amazed. 
While they both then walked together after Park Boon Song left, from far, Park Dong Ha saw it. Choi Tae Jun knew Park Dong Ha not far from them, and suddenly, Choi Tae Jun said to Kim Soo Joo, "What did you eat at lunch, Kim Soo Joo ssi?" And Kim Soo Joo said, "A cake." Choi Ta Jun smiled and brushed his thumb to her cheek, "No wonder your cheek has white frosting." Kim Soo Joo was blushing. While Park Dong Ha was in bad wonder, "Kim Soo Joo really close with Choi Tae Jun... How?" Kim Soo Joo just right away left Choi Tae Jun and ran back to her office. In her desk, she took a wet tissue and clean her face, "Such embarrassing." It's really her first time, even for Kim Seul Bi inside her, "Aigoo..." Mamoru came to her desk, "What's wrong, Kim Soo Joo? Your face went red. Girls used to be like that when they fell on me." Kim Soo Joo asked, "Fell?" Mamoru asked, "You like someone?" Kim Soo Joo said, "It's nothing." Mamoru then said, "Well, Kim Soo Joo, will you come with me, tomorrow, to meet Vivien Lee? I mean, you and Nal Da Rim the only girls that not falling in me, and I need one of you to company me. But, Nal Da Rim, she was in stress zone. She's really scary." Nal Da Rim was in stress to meet this Writer Tae Lak Gi. So, she said, Yes.

Moon Na Ra was in dinner with Song Han Seul. "It's been a week we come to Seoul. Just at exact time, I wonder if our faith really on the same road?" Song Han Seul answered, "There's no such thing like that. You make your own destiny." Moon Na Ra then said, "Then, what is our destiny?" Song Han Seul answered, "I know what's your goal to our family. Just like what you did to Choi Ta Jun hyung. Made an engagement and use the channel to collect informations. You know, my family take no sides between your family and Kim family. But, I'm not interest to have engagement with you, Moon Na Ra, or even politic relationship. Surely if I have to take sides, I choose Kim family." Moon Na Ra then laughed, "Such a good brothers friendship with Choi Tae Jun Oppa. Why you really close with him? Was that old story that Choi family the one who made your deceased girlfriend fell from the stairs, not bothering you?" Song Han Seul just smiled, "You don't know the truth at all, Moon Na Ra." Moon Na Ra replied, "Ah! Right, you knew her better. Might the fell on stairs never gives any effects on her head." Song Han Seul said, "Don't you dare, Na Ra!" Moon Na Ra said, "Choi Tae Jun Oppa works so hard to make his family name clear from that tragedy, and he made it. You such have a good heart, Song Han Seul ssi. Forgive so easily. What's the reason? Is it like a porridge? Because she's already dead and you let them go, anyway?" Song Han Seul then said, "How about your family, then? There's something fishy the day of Kim Seul Bi's death, because you and your father were unexpected guest on the island. Why don't you start give me you defense about it?" Moon Na Ra replied, "Prove it if you can. I just want to make sure what's your really side, tonight. But now I know." She's leaving, "You choose wrong side, Song Han Seul. Kim Seo Jeon will lose the election." From the outside the restaurant, Choi Tae Jun waited. "He even called you to come here? Such a loser!" Moon Na Ra wants to leave but Choi Tae Jun stopped her, "Are you really like this, Na Ra? You just use me and now you want to use Song Han Seul?" Moon Na Ra replied, "Just this one last time, Oppa. Don't grab my hand anymore." He let go her, "This is war. I prepare my ammunition. Are you with Kim or Moon side?" Choi Tae Jun said, "Of course, I'm your side." Moon Na Ra told, "The stop being worried to keep everyone as your friends!" Later she off with her car and Song Han Seul came to Choi Tae Jun, "I am sorry Hyung, it seems like Moon Na Ra really have a bad intentions." Choi Tae Jun said, "Forgive her, will you? She just really want her father win the campaign, that's all." Song Han Seul just sighed.

Song Han Seul back to his house. He met his mother who the one that open the door, even though they're rich, doesn't mean a woman of the house give all to the maids. "My son!" They were chatting what happened on that day and Song Han Seul said, "Do you want me to get marry, now, Mom?" Song Jia said, "What? Do you want to introduce someone to me? Is she Korean or British girl? I mean I'm alright as long as she wants to lives in Korea mostly. Then, your grandchildren should raise in Korea , too." Song Han Seul laughed, "How about if she's Korean, work in politics, and I'm not sure if she like s children." Her mother just answered, "Who? Kim Seul Bi?" Her son smiled, "Yup, maybe she's the only one." Her mother just asked him to get rest. "Where is Father?" And they found he's watching television with politic debate on living room. Song Jia said, "He seems really serious. Sometimes, he's very angry then he became silent." Song Han Seul also doesn't want to disturb him so, they let him be alone. That turns out, the father on his hand playing Candy Crush.
Song Han Seul back to his room. Lots of his pictures with Kim Seul Bi, still there, never turned down because he never really think she's gone. It's already three years. Though, he still loves her, no matter what. Song Han Seul  changes his clothes then, he looked on her desk, his draft story, with the cover "Father and Daughter". He remembered what his professor told him about it suppose better to be not politic book. He just let it away, he try to clean himself and go to shower. After that, he dried his hair with the towel, and he came back to the desk and that draft. He talked to himself, "What did he say? Its better be fiction? So funny..." But, he then decided to sit in front of the desk, open his laptop and start writing. He opened the blank page, he writes, Father and Daughter. But, he deletes it and changes, The Fallen of Ingenious Daughter: A Fiction. He stars writing.

Kim Soo Joo back to prepare for the next breakfast to Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In. It turns different, after Kim Soo Joo work at the steady job, Kim Soo Joo changes her habit, no more the disturbing alarm but it changes into sweet gestures. For Lee Ga In, Kim Soo Joo already prepare her things for her workshop tomorrow morning and for Kang Ji Hwan, while, he's sleep, Kim Soo Joo will take all trashes inside the room, then Kim Soo Joo will clean their rooms while they're asleep. When they wake up, everything are already prepared. She's really a good little sister. Both of them awakes while Kim Soo Joo preparing breakfast and they seem really feel bad, "Can we help you on something?" Kim Soo Joo then just wondered, "Well, I guess, there is." 

So on that day, Kim Soo Joo using Lee Ga In mini bus, they went to pick up Nal Da Rim and Mamoru. Lee Ga Ini was amazed with the handsome look from Mamoru but next to him there's this scary look from Nal Da Rim. Kim Soo Joo was surprised why Lee Ga In not at sudden in love with Mamoru, it turns very well. On the contrary, Mamoru felt a bloom from Lee Ga In. 
So, at this time, their big masterplan starts:

1. They were all went to Mamoru's first. Mamoru and Kim Soo Joo get into the house, with the earplugs from Kang Ji Hwan, Nal Da Rim and Lee Ga In waited. They went and the mother came out, Vivien Lee, Chinese-Korean. Mamoru actually not very good in Chinese. Then suddenly, they both are already in the living, have nice tea. Mamoru loves tea, it made him and Vivien Lee really in a good conversation. Kim Soo Joo saw it with nothing's wrong. Then, Kim Soo Joo felt something wrong with her tummy, she excused to go to toilet. It took a long time and she said to herself, "I didn't eat wrong diet, today. What is it, then? Could be the tea?" She realised she had left Mamoru alone for a while. She drink the emergency medicine that she always bring inside her purse, and she ran out to the living room. What we saw was Mamoru was trying so hard to stay away from Vivien Lee who got enchanted with Mamoru's look, "SOO JOO! HELP ME!" Kim Soo Joo just running to the front door and let Lee Ga In comes in. Lee Ga In with her strength put Vivien Lee defeated *I mean, in calmness, like surrender* but suddenly, from the other room, his two boys with baseball outfits want to against Lee Ga In. Everyone was frightened but Lee Ga In just smile, "Do you think you can defeat me, two little jackals?" At the end, the little kids got a lesson. Vivien Lee also back to her senses. "I don't know why I became like that." And, they got the signing and it's done by the end of lunch.
2. Lawyer Han meet them in lunchtime. He is actually a good guy in town. He seems not afraid to Nal Da Rim and he has spirit to be a good lawyer. They met the writer on the cafe, and turns out the writer was a little child, he loves to hide his name because he wants to put his passed away father as a great detective. Lee Ga In almost looks kind of ready to catch the cafe attendants who suspicious, but none of them really bad person. But, this little child, 10 years old, with cute face, a little boy, he brought his father journal, photos, and the batch. Turns out it's a touch moment. Kim Soo Joo was laughing alone by seeing Nal Da Rim seem not comfort to find the great writer is actually 10 years old boy. While, Lawyer Han then looks very care with the little boy, in front of Lee Ga In. Lee Ga In obviously really great, too with the kid. And, that's how Lawyer Han feeling like this woman. 
Kang Ji Hwan was listening of the conversation and he felt jealous, "Hey, is Lawyer Han making moves to Ga In?" and, the only one who can listen was Kim Soo Joo, who's inside the truck. Suddenly, she got a phone call, and it came to Harry S.
3. When it comes to Harry S. He called, "Kim Soo Joo ssi, can we change our schedule to 7.30?" and Kim Soo Joo said it's alright, as long as it's the public place. So, they will have meeting on the Cheongdamdong coffee shop, tonight.

When things are over with the child on the store, they are coming to the truck. Kim Soo Joo said, "Do you like a rice cake?" and the boy, loves too. Then, it seems like, they would like to come to the child's house, to meet the mother. Later, Kim Soo Joo got a phone call, it was from her latest colleague at the kindergarten.  Gyo Han was on the hospital. Kim Soo Joo just drop off there alone and turns out the mother, is crying out because Gyo Han got hospitalized. Kim Soo Joo was in the touch feeling, she remembered her mother once cried also when she was on the hospital. 

Kim Soo Joo comes to Gyo Han's mother, "He will be fine, Ma'am." The mother found Kim Soo Joo and she even more crying, "Ever since you're not Gyo Han's teacher, he said he wants to eat rice cake, but I didn't listen. Then, he didn't want to eat his lunch box. He started not eating. I was worried and he just got fever and crams. The doctor said Gyo Han was just in seizures. It's very lucky that it's not a heart failure. And, you're the only one who told me about the health of Gyo Han. I am such a failure mother." Kim Soo Joo said, "He's fine. He will be fine, Ma'am." And, she just hugged her.

Park Dong Ha has meeting with Song Han Seul, right after Park Dong Ha went off from the KaYu Books Publisher building. Choi Tae Jun also wants to come home and the three has meet up. "Hyung? You're off?" Choi Tae Jun smiled, "Yes. Why you come to the building?" Song Han Seul answered, "I'm going to talk about Kim Seo Jeon's biography book." Choi Tae Jun surprised, "So, you're the writer?" Song Han Seul said, "Well," Park Dong Ha didn't like the way Choi Tae Jun talked with Song Han Seul. "Let's get out from here, shall we?" Choi Tae Jun suddenly just being asked, "Come with us, Hyung. We would like to have dinner." Choi Tae Jun look at his watch, "Well, okay." They were all going to the Cheongdamdong restaurant. They chatted.
There was the time Park Dong Ha saw Kim Soo Joo outside the road of Cheongdamdong and came in to the cafe across the road. It was 7.00 pm. Kim Soo Joo looks so brightly. Park Dong Ha was not very happy with the close relationship of Song Han Seul and Choi Tae Jun. But, he realized  he found this girl, actually really pretty. The way Kim Soo Joo drinks and she actually reads that comic book, again. Then, suddenly Harry S. coming. Park Dong Ha found Harry S. and Kim Soo Joo then go out from the cafe because of people recognized him. Park Dong Ha was in worry place. But, he just stay calm. Later, there's the car arrived right after the chaos. Suddenly, he went it and got out again, it's Lawyer Han. Then, Lawyer Han was calling in front of the cafe, just right at the time, Choi Tae Jun answered.

Lawyer Han was calling Choi Tae Jun who there with Dong Ha and Song Han Seul who's going to talk about his decision to down his writing for Kim Seo Jeon biography. But, then, Dong Ha knew something's happened to Soo Joo and that worried him. Choi Tae Jun ran to the place, where Dong Ha followed. Choi Tae Jun was looking and calling to find where's Soo Joo, turns out Dong Ha knew where it was, firstly. This is will be the second time, Dong Ha worried of Soo Joo. Song Han Seul was confusing because he's the one who got left behind and needs to pay both of bills.

Soo Joo was in abuse where Dong Ha came and he beats Harry S. Soo Joo was in puke because she's alcohol intolareble. Choi Tae Jun approaching and he was feeling bad, he being asked by Dong Ha to bring Soo Joo to hospital. 
On the car, Soo Joo said she didn't want to be saved by Tae Jun, it made Tae Jun feel bad about it. Then, it turns out on the hospital, Tae Jun sit next to her bed, so worried. Dong Ha put Harry S in police station with Lawyer Han. They then came to hospital and Dong Ha being mad to Tae Jun like what purpose he playing Soo Joo. 
Soo Joo was sleeping and Dong Ha stayed with her. In the morning, she awaken and she seems aware there's Dong Ha. "You saved me." Dong Ha sit down and seems very calm. Soo Joo then said this week must be the hell of the week. Dong Ha replied, "Why am I suddenly care about you?" Soo Joo replied, "I have no idea." Tae Jun came in the morning and found them both in chatted. He just left the flowers in to the nurse and back home. 
Then, Dong Ha wants to go to other place where Soo Joo found his phone ringing and its Moon Na Ra, then Choi Seung Yeon. When he returns, Soo Joo asking about Kim Seo Jeon project, and she never meant to reveal her interest on it but she warned him, "You have to choose your friends, rightly."
Lawyer Han came, met Choi Tae Jun and seems Tae Jun wants to leave quickly. Lawyer Han learned it never meant to be Choi Tae Jun's fault, he then goes to the roomm and talks about his sorry and truly, Tae Jun never meant to hurt her. In fact, it was all Lawyer Han fault. There comes Nal Da Rim, Mamoru, and Ciel. Ciel mostly feel sad about Harry S. He surely never know about Harry S. There comes Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In. Lee Ga In already mad to Lawyer Han and it make things hot. But, Soo Joo forgive everyone and it's already over. People see how Park Dong Ha is Soo Joo's savior. But, still again, Park Dong Ha got called again. It makes Soo Joo's smile be gone because she heard Moon Na Ra's name. Park Dong Ha saw that look and he questions, "Why she seems worry?" But, he decided to leave early and left the crowds.
Park Dong Ha answered Moon Na Ra's phone and the woman asked to meet up.

When she out from the hospital, after a week, Soo Joo back to work, and people gives great respect t her. 

Chief Yeoh also proud to have someone like Kim Soo Joo. Though, Soo Joo decided to keep low profile. Her first day on the cafetaria is trying to find Park Dong Ha. Ever since the first day on hospital, Park Dong Ha never seeing her again.  and she just smile to him. Tae Jun came to her and sitting together. "I was wrong." Soo Joo replied, "I know." Choi Tae Jun also never come to the hospital, but he always bring the new bucket of flowers to her, everyday, and left them in front of the room's door. Kim Soo Joo didn't know who's sent it, but one day when she was supposed to go out next day, she decided to check out that morning. She went out from the room for a moment, earlier. Then, Choi Tae Jun came and put the flowers in front of Kim Soo Joo. And, turns out Kim Soo Joo from far, she found Choi Tae Jun walk away.
Kim Soo Joo just staring at Choi Tae Jun and Tae Jun said, "can I give you something to reply?" Soo Joo wants to say, "Just go,..." 
Until there's a big headline news, Moon Na Ra spotted have lunch with Park Dong Ha. Choi Tae Jun watched it and it feels so wrong. He is in shocked and he just suddenly left the cafetaria and *of course* running to find Moon Na Ra. While, Kim Soo Joo just startled.

After the lunch, she walked out from the cafetaria, she seems wonder, "How Park Dong Ha suddenly is getting closer with Moon Na Ra for just a week?" and, she also remembered about the phone call that from Choi Seung Yeon. Just the exact time, Choi Tae Jun running out from the room, he met Soo Joo on the way, but both of them were distracted by the crowd from downstair, especially from the lobby, they both were looking down and there's Park Dong Ha arrived with lots of press following. The guards helping him get in without them enter the building. Choi Tae Jun wants to punch that guy, but at the same time, suddenly Soo Joo holds Choi Tae Jun's hand. Park Dong Ha saw that also startled. "What are you doing?" asked Choi Tae Jun. Soo Joo still look at Park Dong Ha's face.
At this time, she knows something is not right. Then, Soo Joo pulls Tae Jun's hand and they both gets in to the lift. They go to the rooftop of the building. 
On the rooftop, Choi Tae Jun try to gets what's the meaning of Soo Joo's behavior. Soo Joo at first didn't say anything and that makes him more try to breathing, then Soo Joo answered, "You're angry, aren't you? Moon Na Ra is your woman. It must be hard for you. You don't deserve such thing." Choi Tae Jun was surprised. Then she said again, "Actually, I also never thought he's a man like that. It must be just a misunderstood." Choi Tae Jun also surprised, that it might be true that the girl likes Park Dong Ha. "Will you forgive him?" Choi Tae Jun goes upset, "Do you think it's high school? How dare you ask me?" Then, Soo Joo replied, "You asked me if there's something to reply, just forgive him and we're even, will you?" Choi Tae Jun startled. Soo Joo back to reply, "Moon Na Ra is not deserves you, either. Why you keep angry for the girl who keeps cheating on you?" Choi Tae Jun found that Soo Joo looks so brave, now, "You said don't be like high school. Then, don't! There is no love when it's just from one side, right? That's why there's the tragedy genre." Choi Tae Jun felt being attacked so he replied, "You're just the intern, here... so new, so brave." Suddenly, she bow down, "Please, clear your mind and things will be alright." She left the rooftop.

Park Dong Ha actually chasing Kim Soo Joo to the rooftop, but he found Kim Soo Joo on the way and she was going back to Fiction Department. Kim Soo Joo stop and look at him. They both was in hardship, "What are you doing? Are you screwing the boss's son up there?" Kim Soo Joo felt bad to hear that, "Why you even care? You also like me, seems like we have our own agendas." Park Dong Ha surprised. Which is true. From far, Choi Tae Jun was walking, Kim Soo Joo was in the middle of them both. But then, Choi Tae Jun looked at Kim Soo Joo, and it just happened, he didn't say anything and left Soo Joo and Dong Ha alone. Kim Soo Joo wants to walk, too, but then Park Dong Ha asked, "Can we talk?" Then, they both back to the rooftop.
In the rooftop, Park Dong Ha starts to be his true person, "Are you alright? How are you?" Kim Soo Joo was surprised. Park Dong Ha really being soft rather than he ever did to Kim Soo Joo. Kim Soo Joo replied, "I am fine." Park Dong Ha replied, "It seems like I was hard to see if you well or not, you look still pale. Or is it your real skin? So white." Kim Soo Joo blushed, "Oh! It's not pale, but healthy red." Kim Soo Joo was in fan-fiction moment, "You look really like Lee Gak ssi." Park Dong Ha back himself away, "What is it? That trash comic again?" Kim Soo Joo even more surprised, "You still remember?" Park Dong Ha replied, "Of course! We're meeting still two months, right?" Kim Soo Joo smiled, "You even remembered the time we've met." Park Dong Ha then starts to confessing, "Actually, we're not really talking too much. I knew you bring my CV back to the company." Kim Soo Joo back to her senses, she listening. "KaYu Books Publisher is really my dream and I felt bad to put all the blames to you back then." Kim Soo Joo replied, "It's nothing. I deserved it." Park Dong Ha looked at her, "Do you really like me that much, Kim Soo Joo?"Kim Soo Joo was startled. "I also always wondered why you keep staring at me when we're in the cafeteria. You're not a good liar with your facial face." Kim Soo Joo went more blushing. "And, that makes me really worry about you that time. You're really too innocent to not knowing about that stupid celebrity's intention to you?" Kim Soo Joo back to reply, "I thought because it's public place..." Park Dong Ha cut her, "Because he's celebrity, it's his intention to made a scene!" Kim Soo Joo made the puppy face, "You are really innocent, after all." Kim Soo Joo laughed. Park Dong Ha then said, "I think we're even. You helped me to be here and I saved you." Kim Soo Joo still had this big smile, "This is really like Lee Gak ssi and his girlfriend..." but, Park Dong Ha cut her again, "Don't love me, again. I don't want you to think or interest about me, anymore." Park Dong Ha suddenly got up. Kim Soo Joo was in shock, "From now on, I want you to not go near me. Ah, I even have saying it one time. Well, it's still the same. I'll go, first." When Park Dong Ha walked away, Kim Soo Joo shouted, "Is it because you really like Moon Na Ra? Is it true that you really like her?" Park Dong Ha got stoned, he then look back, "Yes. We're dating, now." He then left.
On the way home, Kim Soo Joo on the bus, she looked the side of the road, the buildings, and stuffs. She didn't say anything. Kim Soo Joo then  stop at different place.
It was the puppet festival.
Song Han Seul is also there. At this time, it seems like Kim Soo Joo and Song Han Seul remembering the moment when they both were young and together. And, not a single time they both across to each other.
There's this the main point of puppet show. Even they both were standing almost near, but it seems like they both enjoy the show. After the end of the show, Kim Soo Joo and Song Han Seul walks to different part. 
Kim Soo Joo walks to go home, but suddenly she found Choi Tae Jun.
Kim Soo Joo saw from far but then she came near. "How you be here?" Choi Tae Jun said, "I was going to talk again with you, but then the Fiction Department said you back home early for this puppet festival. They said you're a big fan of puppets?" Kim Soo Jo didn't know what to say but then, they both walk together. When it's getting night and cold, he gave her his coat and buy her a warm drink. "It is warm tea." Kim Soo Joo smiled, "You forgot to put sugar in it." Choi Tae Jun felt wrong, "What?" Kim Soo Joo said, "I like it."
Choi Tae Jun also never meant to say anything. "So, you really like him?" Kim Soo Joo replied, "I can't say anything of it." 
Choi Tae Jun replied back, "My father has interest with him. And, seems like the whole Korea interest of him, including you, too." Kim Soo Joo then stop looking aside then she looked at Choi Tae Jun, "You didn't like him?" Choi Tae Jun smiled, "Isn't obvious? From the beginning he comes into this publisher, he made so many scenes. He must has the target of my chair." Kim Soo Joo also felt that way because Park Dong Ha turns out so easily to get close with Moon and Choi family. "There's no way. KaYu Books Publisher is your father's, of course you will have it." Choi Tae Jun surprised, he laughed, Kim Soo Joo just back to silent, Choi Tae Jun back to apologize, "I'm really sorry." 
Then, Kim Soo Joo changes the subject, "It was my fault. I never thought how dangerous Harry S. The hospital pretty near with the cafe, and it's in the public place, of course there must be so great in chaos with all the fans. I was not think so quickly. I heard you're really worry about me and you made Harry S. being punished so hard. You seem so powerful." Choi Tae Jun replied, "Really?" 

From far, Park Dong Ha and Song Han Seul walk. Song Han Seul said, "I guess I saw Choi Tae Jun came here with his woman. Is it them?" Park Dong Ha actually met up with Son Han Seul to see the show, too. But then, they both found Choi Tae Jun and Kim Soo Joo, together. Park Dong Ha look at the couple walks together and get in to the car. It was Kim Soo Joo with Choi Tae Jun. "Choi Tae Jun also watch this show? Have you met the woman, Park Dong Ha?" Park Dong Ha replied, "No." But, later he still look the car driving away. Song Han Seul and Park Dong Ha chatted, "So, it must be a tough day for you?" Park Dong Ha laughed, "But it feels fun." Song Han Seul told Park Dong Ha to get close to Moon Na Ra, "It's the best way, Park Dong Ha. Moon family once getting close to me and it seems like so wrong. But, if it's you, the one who's connected to Kim Seo Jeon, it was exactly like what are we predicted." Park Dong Ha also glad, "So, the plan works?" Song Han Seul said, Yes. "For Kim Seul Bi." They both drink, "For Kim Seul Bi."

THIS IS THE SCENE: Kim Soo Joo singing following the radio. Choi Tae Jun just listened it and then, he started to lower the radio's voice and let Kim Soo Joo singing. Suddenly, the red traffic light. And, then there's a change facial from Choi Tae Jun. Choi Tae Jun said, "I have heard the voice. But, that person has died three years ago." 
Kim Soo Joo was surprised. She stopped. 
"How is it sounds exactly the same?" He looked into her eyes.
Kim Soo Joo was in Kim Seul Bi's mode, "I never met you, before." She said it, because it's true. Choi Tae Jun replied, "I also never met that person, but I listened her voice."

Three years ago, the young Choi Tae Jun came to remembering Kim Seul Bi. And, the memorial playing Kim Seul Bi's karaoke. Choi Tae Jun really hates this girl. "Because of you, I hate my father. They said my father was the one who made you fall. Now, you made things even worse with your death. Why is it seems not fair, to me? We never met, but you invites the family who used try to kill you? Don't you have any revenge to our family? To my father did to you?" Choi Tae Jun after that walking around the place, and he found Song Han Seul was alone. Choi Tae Jun knew it must be hard for someone that so closer. Choi Tae Jun then went to meet Song Han Seul, but suddenly Song Han Seul got called by Song Han Dong. He left the tape. So, Choi Tae Jun opened the cassette and the label written Kim Seul Bi. He listened it.

Just the same time, Choi Tae Jun opened his car case, that's the cassette. Kim Soo Joo was in shocked. Choi Tae Jun played it. Both of them were staring each other.


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