Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Like A Superman

He holds my hand and we're going to the grocery store. Lots of couples and the children.
"Why don't we have kids, too?"
"Hmm... Convince me until the end of our grocery time so we can have kids."
I don't remember what he did but he actually made me believe we need to have kids. But, at the end of grocery time, his face turned sad. He found me still in doubt to have kids.
"This night, I do."
And, he smiled.
While we back home, around the neighborhood, we visit the city park. 
"You are beautiful."
"You are the most handsome person I won't give up to any men, even if he's king of England."
"Well, that too much."
"Or even, if you don't love me anymore."
"I won't."
There comes the woman, she used to be his woman. He chats with her while I keep smiling. I know myself. She really loves him. I mean, she is gorgeous, he is gorgeous, and I might be cute. So, he chose me, afterall. Now, she is still single, maybe waiting me to die. Then, take him away from me. Well, until then, she has no guts to take him away from me.
"Don't worry about her."
"Will you be happy if you're with her rather than with me?"
"No. This smile, I couldn't help to tell you the truth, is the only reason I'm really happy, now."
"And, if it's gone?"
"I make sure I have the lots of pictures of you."
"Will that hurt?"
"If it's you, will you hurt?"
"Most of the time."
He kisses me. Then, we're going home. While we walk, seems lots of things went around us. We talk about everything and he really worried about me. While, I couldn't say any words.
"Can we just talk about it, now?"
It must be about the kids, again. We argued in front of our house, until in fromt of house seems bothered about our conversation. There's the old man asking if everything is fine and surely, we both said, yes. We both laughed.
"Your hands cold."
"Your face, too."
"Do you want me to prepare a hot tub?"
"Why are you so gentleman to me?"
"You did to me, first, everytime we're dating."
"I think because I fell to your handsome everytime. Physically, you're like a Superman."
"And you are Louis Lane?"
"Well, I'm not a reporter or blonde, and you're not actually have two identities. You're not wearing glasses. The first time I fell to a man that not wearing glasses."
"Are you really that nerd?"
"A geek, yes. Nerd? Nope."
"How about inside of me, do you really like it, too?"
We're in home. He takes out my coat and I wait him to put the coats on the hanger. We both walk to kitchen, fix the groceries. 
"What are you going to eat, tomorrow morning?"
"An oatmeals."
"I can cook anything for you. Look, I buy fish, chicken, some beef, and eggs."
"Why not me ask what do you want me to cook tomorrow morning?"
"I can cook for myself."
"Now, I'm the one who can't cook."
"Your food taste is really unexpected. Sometimes a big deal, sometimes still a big deal."
"Finally, interesting comment."
I start to sleepy in front of him. Then, he just stop me for fixing the groceries, saying that we can fix it tomorrow, he walks with me to upstairs. I jump to the bed, while he walks to bathroom. The door is open, I can see his reflection feom the mirror. He prepares the hot tub.the warm fog just flying to the bedroom. I lay down so lazy and just staring his reflection movements really attractive. He comes out from the bathroom and the door still open, the water sounds really good. He prepares the pajamas, mine and his.
"It seems like you stripping in front of me while I'm asleep."
"I wish I did."
"Like dream comes true."
"You're not drinking this day, right?"
"You know I couldn't drink. Not any alcohol."
"Why are you such a great woman?"
"You like me because I can't drink?"
"One of reason. You're pretty when you're sleepy. Take off your clothes."
"Help me."
He helps me. Suddenly, I just already inside the tub, so relieving. But, hot tub never really my thing. I just get out after ten minutes and get a shower. My favorite, do shampoo. Then, brush my teeth. I got out from bathroom. He already prepared my evening snacks. I jump back to that bed, kiss him, he still not changing. I eat the fruits and mint juice.
"Go change your clothes!"
He laughed and get up from the bed, he gets in to the bathroom. This time, he closes it. I turn on the television, there play my favorite night comedy show, I laughed. Just in time, he finished and out. He dries his hair with towel in front of bathroom door.
"Your turn."
"Dry my hair."
He sit on the side of bed. I put aside the food. And, I start to use the hairdryer. The sound so loud, makes me laugh.
"Why you laugh?"
"I don't know why it's even sexier."
He laughed under his messy hair. Then, it became dry. I start to brush his hair.
"Do you remember our first time met cute?"
"At work. We're just staring each other, for a long time."
"It's not like we're already in love from the first sight."
"I hate you from the first time we met. Your work at job really not right but surely memorable. Then, you got better and better, even finally, you did everything so divine."
"Thank you."
I'm done brush his hair, we start to sleep on each sides and staring each other.
"Iris, I always thinking you should deserves someone better."
"Because I never love you from the first sight."
"But, the time we're met cute is better, Zach."
"Because we look each other for a long time to tell exactly how much we need one another. Like, now. Whenever we staring each other..."
"We just never stop."
"I love you, Iris. Even if it's only two of us until the old days."
"Old days, like if I'm becoming old and ugly?"
"I've seen your worse look."
"Silly guy!"
I punched him with pillow. He laughed.
"Are you sleepy?"
"Not really."
"Me, too."
"Do you like boy, girl, or twins?"
"Twins, so in a day, one spend times with you, another spend times with me. At night, they share their adventures and seems like they both are spending times with both of us."
"How about you?"
"Boy or girl, I don't care. If it's boy, I'll make sure he becomes cool boy and if it's girl, I'll make sure she becomes brave girl. But, still, I want boy or girl, to be happy."
"Of course."
"What if I fail?"
"To be a parent."
"Don't say that."
His hand caresses me.
"Do you know what I'm afraid of?"
"If you give me kids, but you're not there, anymore."
"I will never forgive myself."
"You have to forgive yourself. I mean, that's nature, biological."
"It's better with you alone, from now. I get it."
"You have lots of my picture, you won't be so sad."
"No ones will be next to me."
"I always love you. Our kids will remind how much I love you. As you see them, you will see how much I love you, everyday."
He seems pouring out tears. I sit on bed, he did too.
"I will always love you, even if I die first."
I hug him so tight.
"Iris, I never meant to push you."
"Zach, I never meant to make you feel guilty."
"You are such a great woman."
"Well, I'm still not Superman."
"And even funnier."
We both laughed. 
"Let's go to sleep."
He started to tuck me. Then, he turns off the light. He tuck himself and hold my hand.
"Do you remember what I said on the grocery store?"
"I remember."
"I promise. It's true."
"You never fails me."


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