Do you know why it's hard to say goodbye? Because we afraid if our memories might not be able to remember them, rightly. The fact is, goodbye means good. No matter how hard.
~Aurora Esterlia

Troubles Lovin' Her (Draft) Ep.3

Kang Ji Hwan was in doing hack battle with people from America, that's why in the middle of the dawn, he couldn't asleep. And, suddenly he won. "FINALLY!!!" Whenever he won, it's basically because no one could trace his hacking and after that his customer will pay him a lot. "Half 3!" He went to his bed. Then, just 15 minutes later, that disaster alarm tone from Kim Soo Joo's room was on. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kang Ji Hwan went out from his room and found Lee Ga In with her Karate suit but with pillows and tired face already sat down in front of Kim Soo Joo's door. Kang Ji Hwan was afraid, "What's wrong with you?" and Lee Ga In said, "Why her alarm tone awakes me whenever I'm in the middle of romantic dream? Akh.... that handsome young man from the street...." Kang Ji Hwan was even in shock, "Are you Cougar person?" And they're back to knock Kim Soo Joo's room. "How come she didn't wake up whenever this alarm tone is on? Kim Soo Joo ssi!"
That the truth, Kim Soo Joo was already waken up and sitting in front of her desk. She seems sleepy. But, she took this one of book and put it in front of her and just staring at it. It's Emma's Jane Austen. Until the alarm tone is over at half 4. Then, the door was opened and Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In were surprised, "Excuse me." She went to bathroom to take a shower. They were all wondered. "She never showed up, before.... Kim Soo Joo! Come back, here! We really need to talk about your alarm habit! Kim Soo Joo!"
Then, they were all waited for Kim Soo Joo meals in the morning. It's really quiet. Kim Soo Joo went out from the kitchen and brought great steam and dishes, smells so good. That's how things work out. They were all forgiving Kim Soo Joo whenever it's time to breakfast. But, the odd thing is Kim Soo Joo never eat what she cook. She prefer, always, milk, bread, or even energy bar. For this time, she made cereals. Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In staring each other and they really wondered with Kim Soo Joo's facial. So, Lee Ga In started, "Kim Soo Joo, what's happening? You used to eat very fast than us. Look, your cereal getting weirder, now." Kim Soo Joo then realized it and starts to eat it quickly. "What are you doing today, Kim Soo Joo?" asked Kang Ji Hwan. Kim Soo Joo answered, "Well, I help Lee Ga In to pick up the neighbor kids and then go to the kindergarten." Lee Ga In then said, "Ah, right! Thank you, Kim Soo Joo."  Kang Ji Hwan then asked, "Well, I think we need to back to that alarm tone. Kim Soo Joo, I am against to..." Then Kim Soo Joo suddenly shows up her puppy face, "Oppa, what do you want for meal tomorrow morning? Or, what do you want for dinner, tonight? I will cook for you." And, Kang Ji Hwan was just melted, "Ah! It's alright. Besides, I got great wage last night." Lee Ga In asked, "What is your work, actually?" Kang Ji Hwan just said, "Well, here's the truth. I sincerely thank you for both of you who help me pay the electricity monthly when the big amount was from me. So, thank you again." Lee Ga In then asked, Ït won't be something with illegal activities, right?" Kang Ji Hwan was in pale, "What is it, exactly, Oppa?" Later, Kim Soo Joo said, "Unnie, Ji Hwan Oppa is a big employer of delivery service. I use to search it on internet. They can have lots of money with just doing the internet. Isn't, Oppa?" And, Kang Ji Hwan said, "Yes! It's big delivery work. It's really like A helper, that's all. " Later, Kim Soo Joo look at the watch, "Unnie, I got to go. Later!" She ran and take the Emma book with her. "Kim Soo Joo! Remember! There's the treat for tonight! Come home, early!" Kim Soo Joo ran out, "Alright!"
So, as usual, she came to neighborhood and pick the kids. They really like Kim Soo Joo because they always give them these sweet steam rice cakes on the van. "Thank you, Kim Soo Joo!" Kim Soo Joo also very happy and she actually remember each of kids treats and even their allergy. She arrived and meet Lee Ga In, again. Then, she drove away alone to the kindergarten. Basically, she's really good with kids. By the end of the day, Kim Soo Joo greetings the parents who pick up their kids, until it only last one kid, name Gyo Han. Gyo Han is a fat boy and loves to eat chocolate, he eats the chocolate.  "Gyo Han, who will pick you up?" and Gyo Han said, "My mother." "Gyo Han, you always eat chocolate, every day. Do you any treats? " Gyo Han said, "No." Kim Soo Joo really thought that Gyo Han is really not healthy, "Gyo Han, can you give me a little of your chocolate bar?" Gyo Han found that their friends really like Kim Soo Joo steam rice cakes. Kim Soo Joo also bring the cakes to the kindergarten. "Do you like steam rice cake?" When Gyo Han want to take it and want to give the chocolate bar to her, his mother came. She was angry because Kim Soo Joo gave Gyo Han the strange food. Kim Soo Joo felt sorry. Later, they went off.

She was worried about Gyo Han's health. She went home on afternoon and use the bus. She opened her bag and there's this Emma. Then, she started to talk to herself,
"Emma Woodhouse. beautiful, high-spirited, intelligent, and 'slightly' spoiled young woman of the age of twenty. Her mother died when she was very young, and she has been mistress of the house ever since her older sister got married. Although intelligent, she lacks the necessary discipline to practise or study anything in depth. She is portrayed as very compassionate to the poor, but at the same time has a strong sense of class. Her affection for and patience towards her valetudinarian father are also noteworthy. While she is in many ways mature for her age. She has vowed she will never ever marry, she delights in making matches for others. She seems unable to fall in love, until she realised at the end that she has loved Mr. Knightley all along. And, Mr. Knightley... "
She remembered when Park Dong Ha shouted to her, 'Hey Freak!'
She arrived at this little local book market. Most of the books are old books. She really enjoyed spend her afternoon on this book market. This is the great place to search old books. She arrived at one of this old grandmother, named Yoon Min Ja. "Yoon Min Ja ssi." She found Yoon Min Ja is reading one of old literature. "Hwaah, 1988, Our Twisted Hero, Yi Mun-Yol. It is weird." Yoon Min Ja just talked, "I once was young, little girl! This book really simply a tragedy for innocent characters." Kim Soo Joo did agree. "Knowing they were all from elementary school, and just a simply one incident would build what they would become as an adult. But, why you read it, now? You must have read it before. Why you read it again, Yoo Min Ja ssi?" The grandmother said, "Here's the little story of how politic might be, Soo Joo. How the heroic needs to learn to adapt under powerful villain character environment." Kim Soo Joo was surprised, "This book is about politic, Grandma? Please, lend it to me!" Yoon Min Ja just angry, "You keep ask to borrow it but not buy it. Am I librarian?" Kim Soo Joo just laughed, "Here, I bring this book, back. And, I must say, Grandma, it happened agani." Grandma asked, "What?" She answered, "Whenever I read books then later, things in my life just happened to me. Isn't that weird?" Grandma read the title, "Emma? You really can read book in English. Is this not the book that you said the girl character is a freak?" Kim Soo Joo answered, "Yes, Grandma. She's really weird. Why was she being a match-maker and so stubborn to give people advices. And that's why Mr. Knightley hates her.... " Grandma smiled, "Was the story also about the bravery of the woman character to face her mistake and that's how the man really likes her, at last?" Kim Soo Joo was surprised, "Eh? Grandma!" Grandma smiled, "Kim Soo Joo ssi, didn't know?" Kim Soo Joo answered, "I know! It's just..." She remembered again what she did, she really did apologize but Park Dong Ha never want her to show up in front of him. "I really don't like this one. Jane Austen might really a hopeless romantic writer. But, I don't see the good thing from this book." Grandma then asked, "Then why you read it?" Kim Soo Joo then answered, "I read it for knowing how is it feel for someone who choose not have intention to get marry. To live free and alone. The real story of Jane Austen herself. She once made mistake and from then, I think she punished herself. Don't you think that's how people like me, who really loves fiction and dreamers can't be with any relationship? You know, commitment?" Grandma then hit her head, "Are you, stupid? These are all just fiction. Never real. People like Jane Austen might be a sick person. Stress person. Around her age, no, it's like around my age, you kid. We, women, couldn't be heard. We must follow the family activities. Not like you, who now, can live independently. It must be hard for her." Kim Soo Joo remember again the time she live as Kim Seul Bi. "I know, Grandma." Suddenly Grandma knew that face, the first time she found Kim Soo Joo around this bookstore market. Long ago, she just walk around the market from it open until the market was closing. The first time she met Kim Soo Joo, she looks like a homeless girl and so strange, a homeless girl, she interested to borrow this French old book, Les Miserables. "Why you want to read this book? Can you read this language?" Kim Soo Joo then said, "Oui, Madame." Then because it was rain, Grandma brought her into her place. Then, Kim Soo Joo read all French language so fluent. From then, Grandma asked her to keep come and help her on the bookstore.
Kim Soo Joo then need to go home and she borrowed Our Twisted Hero. Just the exact time she's going to leave the book market, there's this man, out from taxi, Song Han Seul. This place was his favorite with Kim Seul Bi. He walked through all the bookstores. And, where Song Han Seul almost got near to Yoon Min Ja ssi bookstore, Kim Soo Joo went out, "Grandma, I go." Then, Kim Soo Joo run, "Kim Soo Joo! Be careful!" As that exact time, Song Han Seul was in day-dreaming his memories with Kim Seul Bi, long ago, they both were playing hide and seek on this book market. And just exact scene, when Kim Soo Joo turned around to see Grandma last time, "Annyeong!" it almost like Kim Seul Bi almost got caught and she ran away, look back and saying, "Oppa!"
And, Song Han Seul was in shocked, "Kim... Seul... Bi?"
But, a big container just get through him, when it's gone, the girl is also gone. "Is it really day-dreaming?" Song Han Seul saw Grandma and he just suddenly came to her, "Madam, excuse me." Grandma suprises with Songg Han Seul's look, "Were you just greetings your granddaughter, a while ago?" Grandma said, "Oh. Well, you can say that. She's not having really a grandmother... Why, lad?" Song Han Seul then asked, "If you not bother, what is her name?" and she said, "Oh, she's very welcome around this book market. Don't worry. Everyone knows her name. She's Kim Soo Joo. Why, lad, you ask?" Song Han Seul then said, "It's nothing. She is really a pretty granddaughter, Madam. Is this your bookstore, Madam?" Grandma was so adored of his face so she just speak the truth, "Well, this was my husband's bookstore. Then, he passed it to me. Do you like to buy books, lad?" And, Son Han Seul was happy to come inside the bookstore.

Kim Soo Joo didn't see Song Han Seul and she came back to her place.  She was came to her place but seems like the building's electricity went off. "Why the building is so dark?" She started to close her eyes. "Just like Helen Keller. The touch senses can help me get through this." She closed her eyes, "A life inside Helen Keller must be so hard, and then, there's Anne Sullivan as her eyes and her ears. The first time she knew about the world, water. I have everything that Helen Keller didn't have, This life that just a while being dark, is easy." And, it's true. She can get through from the front building and walk through 3 stairs level, just like a blind person. Then, when she open her eyes, she's exactly in front of the door. "Gotcha." Then, she opened, suddenly, the electricity back again and, there's Lee Ga In and Kang Ji Hwan. Not just them, but also all the friends from the orphanage, "KIM SOO JOO! HWAITING!"
Lee Ga In explained, "We are so sorry, Kim Soo Joo. We forgot about your actual interview last night. You must be so tired and you didn't tell us about the interview. Ah! Look, we here to support you, Soo Joo!" Kim Soo Joo was so happy.

Meanwhile, Song Han Seul arrived in front of his home. It's actually not normal day. Thre's the big party. Every important persons were there. Song Han Dong and Song Jia made a party. Choi Tae Wook, Choi Tae Jun, also Kim Seo Jeon and Kim Taessa were there. And there's also Moon Won Do. Today is the day of Kim Taessa out from the rehabilitation. And, Kim Taessa really want to have great party at Song Han Dong's resident. Why? Because that's the place where Kim Seul Bi always spend her time with Song Han Seul. That's how things work. How, the strange Kim Seul Bi prefer to stay at Song Han Seul's place rather in her parents home. "This is her playground, everytime she comes to this house, she always smile. As a mother, I've been on this depression situation but my husband encouraged me and really support me to keep move on. Family of Song really help us get through all these years. We really give us our thank you so many, to you, Song Han Dong ssi." And everyone is applauding. It's also about memorial of Kim Seul Bi.
Kim Seo Jeon came to the stage and there's Song Han Seul appeared around the guests. "My daughter, at 16, she's gone. But, her memories are still around us. I almost lost my wife because her condition, and now, we celebrates for her healthiness. We're really very grateful for all your support." Then, there's Song Han Dong, came to the stage, "To remember Kim Seul Bi."
Suddenly there was a clip, pictures of Kim Seul Bi, from little until the last time. Song Han Dong was in hurt, it just teared down.
After the clip, Song Han Seul came to them all. Everyone was surprised. "My son!" Song Jia hugged him. "It's been a long time, you lad!" Said Song Han Dong. He also shakes hand with family of Kim. Kim Taessa even mention, "It's true. Without you, this memorial would not be perfect like Kim Seul Bi always want to." The last one was Kim Seo Jeon, and at this time, Song Han Seul gives him the book, "It's her favorite. I was looking the old version of it, and I found it. Janghwa Hongryeon jeon ."

"A Tale of Two Sisters." Park Dong Ha was on this horror movie watching together with his family. Park Ri Go and Jo Kwon were really not chill watch the movie, "HOW DARE OF THAT FATHER? HOW DARE HE NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT HIS DAUGHTERS!" And, Jo Kwon was like, "Moon Geun Young ssi, you really pretty!" And, Park Suzy and Im Yoona were really disturbing. "Can you guys chill out! It's just fiction! Fiction!" Im Yoon also jealous, "What did you say, Jo Kwon? So, there's someone you like better than me?" Things went really over. Park Dong Ha just sit alone at his place, eating popcorn. But, he just kept staring at his smartphone. He knew about the memorial of Kim Seul Bi and Kim Taessa health celebration. Until he found the headline news, "Song Han Seul...returned?" It's just by the seconds, he decided to go out from the family gathering time.

On the party, Moon Won Do talked with Choi Tae Wook, "How's The Chairman Choi Seung Yeon?" Choi Tae Wook just said, "As usual. He's really expecting the best from you in the future, Mr Moon." They both were laughing, "I heard about Kim Seo Jeon gave his words to publish the secrecy negotiations to KaYu Books Publisher?" Choi Tae Wook answered, "Yes, that's really unbelievable but thank you to that guy." Moon Won Do asked, "Who's the guy?" Suddenly, Moon Won Do got called. Then, there's Song Han Seul found Choi Tae Jun. "It's been a while!" Song Han Seul was even surprised, "Tae Jun! You look very great! What are you, now?" Choi Tae Jun mad, "You should call me proper way, I'm older than you!" Song Han Seul said, "Right, Hyung!" Son Han Seul also wondered about Park Dong Ha's footage, so he asked it, "What is Park Dong Ha's position, then?" Then, Choi Tae Jun said, "Ah, Park Dong Ha. I really don't know him a lot..."
Park Dong Ha was on the way.
Moon Won Do on his phone, "Moon Na Ra, where are you? We're already in the middle of the party. What is it, you really want to get introduce to the public, please, hurry!" And, there's Moon Na Ra with her car on the road.
Park Dong Ha on the way, "I can't fail for this time. I will get the job. I will get the job."

Kim Soo Joo found herself alone on the balcony. She found most of her grown up friends really good people. Most of them already back home and turns out one by one permission to back home. Kang Ji Hwan were already asleep, Lee Ga In came to Kang Ji Hwan and found Kang Ji Hwan seems looking at the TV where he actually already fall to sleep. Kim Soo Joo was drinking her orange juice until she turned back to inside and saw on TV Screen. Lee Ga In was going to turn off the TV, "Unnie, don't!" Lee Ga In and Kang Ji Hwan were shocked. Suddenly, Kim Soo Joo sit in front of TV and, she cried.
"Ji Hwan Oppa, why she cried about, now?"
"Omoo... It must be true, then, the interview really failed?"
Lee Ga In and Kang Ji Hwan came to Kim Soo Joo who really crying so hard and they tried to calm her. It was the news of Kim Seo Jeon and Kim Taessa. She missed them, so much.
Park Dong Ha was finally arrived on the gate, nobody's there but he didn't know how to open it, exactly arrived Moon Na Ra. Park Dong Ha was too much in bright. Moon Na Ra honks Park Dong Ha to open the gate because she thought that man was the gate man. Turns out, Park Dong Ha keep standing there. "What is this man?" Suddenly Park Dong Ha came to her car, "What is he doing, now?" He knocks the car and ask to open the door. So, she did it, suddenly he got in and sit next to Moon Na Ra, "Honks the gate, again. Hurry!" Moon Na Ra realized, "You're the man from KaYu Books Publisher, aren't you?" Park Dong Ha saw Moon Na Ra, "You are the daughter of Moon Won Do! Why you here? You're suppose to be in Australia?" And, also Moon Na Ra asked, "How did you know... wait, why you get into my car?" Park Dong Ha just smiled.

Choi Tae Jun and Song Han Seul were still chatted. "So, you know about Kim Seul Bi? I used to hear about her, her story. But, nothing really gives me the real story. I mean, real resources. As the media department, I need to have my standard, even if it's just about chat." Song Han Seul proud of his friend, "You really great to be the future KaYu Books Publisher." Choi Tae Jun also feel great about it, "Well, what is it, then? I mean, I heard about the strange things about her. Is that true?" Song Han Seul asked, "How's strange?" Choi Tae Jun, "I don't want to comment, you know the truth. Why don't you tell me about it?" Song Han Seul, "Seriously, Hyung. While I'm not around, what people think about Kim Seo Jeon's daughter?" Then, Choi Tae Jun answered, "As my research, things started from Kim Seul Bi's 6th birthday party. She was running away from her father on the second floor, and then, she fell through downstairs. From then, Kim Seo Jeon and Kim Taessa brought her to foreign hospital. I don't know exactly but she made it to high school. I track her friends, and I realized she got this acceleration. So, she finished her high school at 16 years old. She's really a genius, isn't she?" Song Han Seul happy to hear that. "But, things very odd was the incident on the island. She died because of car accident, and it was in the morning. What was she doing in the morning with the car? She's 16 years old and what I knew, where the whole guards?" Song Han Seul also wondered, "That's really good question, Hyung." Choi Tae Jun then asking, "But, it is true, Han Seul, if she kind of different? You know, in mind?" Song Han Seul then became silent, "What do you mean?" Then, Tae Jun looked at the clip, "She's pretty, but none of them really smile. She's also genius. It's really common, genius person used to be stranger. People kept saying about that. That's how I never really get this right resources. But, well, they said you knew her. Is it true about her mental disabilities?" Song Han Seul's face turned red, "How dare you said such thing?" Choi Tae Jun surprised, "I don't know that you really close with her, I am sorry. That's what people said, Han Seul. I'm not even believe it. Didn't you hear? I also not sure about it. Chill, lad." Song Han Seul explained, "You're the media department, right?" Choi Tae Jun answered, "Yes...why?" Song Han Seul said, "You know how to make those wrong ideas turned down, right?" Choi Tae Jun said, "Of course, lad." Song Han Seul asked, "Promise me, will you do that?" Choi Tae Jun answered, "Yes, of course." Song Han Seul back Choi Tae Jun to his position, "I am sorry, Hyung." Choi Tae Jun felt bad to Song Han Seul, "She must be really mean something for you. I'm really sorry for your loss, lad. So, how long it has been?" Song Han Seul said, "Three years. If she's still here, she's 19 years old." Choi Tae Jun tried to cheer him, "19 years old and at 16, she finished her high school. Really? Wow. I must say, she might already finished her degree, and maybe, she's rolling her master, at this time." Both of them were laughing. "She might became a professor by 20!"
Suddenly, one of Choi Tae Jun's friend came, "Choi Tae Jun! Your fiance is coming!" It was a surprise for Choi Tae Jun and he left Song Han Seul alone. Song Han Seul himself was wondered if Choi Tae Jun has a fiance. Choi Tae Jun actually really happy for her coming, until the press was so crowd and shocked to see Moon Na Ra brought another man next to her. Choi Tae Jun was in shocked. He is Park Dong Ha.
Everyone were so surprised. Choi Tae Jun came to both of them, "Moon Na Ra... who is it?" Choi Tae Jun surprised he is Park Dong Ha. Park Dong Ha knew about Moon Na Ra relationship with Choi Tae Jun, the son of Choi Tae Wook. Moon Na Ra just answered, "Well, is he not your employee in KaYu Books Publisher who got the promise of that secrecy negotiations?" Choi Tae Jun then take Moon Na Ra's hand, "Thank you to escort her in, Park Dong Ha ssi." Park Dong Ha then let go Moon Na Ra's arm. He excuses himself. He came to Kim Seo Jeon and Kim Taessa. They both were surprised. "Ah! That kid! How are you?" Park Dong Ha congratulate for Kim Taessa's birthday then Kim Seo Jeon still not trust him, "You came here with Moon Na Ra? Daughter of Moon Won Do? Are you both relate or something?" Park Dong Ha smiled, "I just escort Choi Tae Jun's fiance, Sir. I knew you don't trust family of Moon because he's also candidate to become Prime Minister. But, I trust in you, Sir." Kim Seo Jeon still wonder of this kid.

All the press shot those scenes. Kim Soo Joo was staring at TV while Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In seem interested, "Ji Hwan Oppa, do you think those secrecy negotiation will being revealed?" Then, Kang Ji Hwan said, "Right now, technology has been develop very well. If the government put it as a secret, hackers will help it for you. You know, like WikiLeaks." Lee Ga In then impressed, "How did you know so much, Oppa?" Kang Ji Hwan said, "Of course I know such things. I'm..." he almost revealed his work, "I mean, I work on internet. There's no way I don't know such thing."

On the screen, There's Song Han Seul, he came to Park Dong Ha and Kim Seo Jeon.
"Park Dong Ha, isn't?" asked Song Han Seul. "Song Han Seul!" they both shaking hands. Kim Seo Jeon was surprised.
Moon Na Ra and Choi Tae Jun were in argument, "Why you bring him here?" Moon Na Ra answered, "Why not? He's in front of the gate. He asked me to be my escort. He works at your company, right?" Choi Tae Jun said, "Moon Na Ra, it just... why you didn't tell me if you already in country?" Choi Tae Jun smiled a little bit and they both were hugging, "I'm glad you came." Moon Na Ra then stepped him away the hug, "We're not already married. Don't hug me!" Choi Tae Jun felt embarrassed. "But, who's that guy? Park Dong Ha? Isn't the secrecy negotiations your task since the beginning? Kim Seo Jeon never believe anyone to reveal the secrecy, or even to KaYu Books Publisher since family of Kim seems blame the incident of Kim Seul Bi fall from the stairs, 6 years ago to family of Choi? Seems like your task has been transferred to him?" Choi Tae Jun tried to keep his senses, "Are you trying to make me mad?" Moon Na Ra just smiled, "Well....akh! Appa!" Moon Won Do came to her, "Wah! My pretty daughter! Welcome back!" Seems they both were  busy, Choi Tae Jun came see Park Dong Ha, "Eh?" He found Park Dong Ha seems related to Song Han Seul.

From home, Kim Soo Joo was even in shocked. "Oppa....?"

It’s the moment of everyone had an eye to Park Dong Ha. All nations, actually. Moon Na Ra smiled for it, Song Han Seul shoke his hand even so confident, while Kim Seo Jeon was wondering and Choi Tae Jun was really in jealous. Choi Tae Wook just saw that guy from far. He just smiled and drank.
Song Han Seul told Kim Seo Jeon, “This is Park Dong Ha. He’s my old friend and he came from great literature major university. He’s genius in politic department. Aren’t you, Park Dong Ha?” Kim Seo Jeon also considered it, “So you know exactly about the secrecy negotiations?” Park Dong Ha answered, “I have many colleague friends are professors on that department. They will give fair writings for the whole resources you give to me, Sir. If you say yes, it’s even will be done about next three months and trully, it will give you great time for the campaign.” Kim Seo Jeon laughed, “I’m still not into with the campaign, son. Well, why don’t we call Choi Tae Wook?” Choi Tae Wook came and seems like Choi Tae Jun also came behind him. “What do you say, Mr. Choi?” asked Song Han Seul because he kind of helping Park Dong Ha at that time. He knew exactly that Park Dong Ha is not the employee yet. Choi Tae Jun actually not knowing but he just really want to get close with this stranger. Then, Choi Tae Wook said, “I must say, that’s what really our nation need nowadays. There’s someone this morning told me about interest thing, she said, ‘It’s anyone secret that for some reason, KaYu Books Publisher have become politic transportation to our citizens.’ Then, I thought, well, if it’s about facts, we must quickly present it to public. It’s also a win-win solution.” Kim Seo Jeon believed it, “If you say so, Mr. Choi.” So, at this time everyone’s really have a great time.

Song Han Seul and Park Dong Ha have a chat, “Thank you, helping me to get the momentum.” Song Han Seul said, “It’s nothing, Hyung. Let’s say it’s my present from foreign country for you.” Park Dong Ha said, “You should come to my place. I will have great treats for you.” Song Han Seul laughed, but also he still wonder, “Why you seem work so hard, Hyung, to get in to this book publisher?” Park Dong Ha then answered, “We were friends for such a long time, weren’t we?” Song Han Seul then try to answer it, “So, it’s because you want to help me find the answer for the accident of Kim Seul Bi’s death?” Park Dong Ha smiled, “On that incident, three families are involved. From the beginning, family of Choi made Kim Seul Bi’s incident on her 6th birthday party,” Song Han Seul try to explain, “They were all just deductions. And, it also leads the idea that Kim Seul Bi might have mental disabilities. I don’t like it.” Park Dong Ha said, “You knew her better. Don’t think about what other people said. Well, then there’s family of Moon, who came to family of Kim and discuss about the future campaign. I must say, family of Moon is really close with family of Choi, knowing that Choi Tae Jun has engagement with Moon Na Ra.” Song Han Seul also comments, “I really not know about that.” Park Dong Ha continues, “These three families have great big deal for the future of our nation. Well, there’s also said about your family, your father and you, will get the chance, too?” Song Han Seul said, “We both agreed to be Kim Seo Jeon’s side. My father really likes to keep his title as Ministry of art, sports, and tourism.” Park Dong Ha said, “I see. I like the way you guys really good for family of Kim.” Then Song Han Seul said, “My father said he was on that incident when Kim Seul Bi 6 years old fell from upstairs. He’s the one who actually can reach her before she fell. I think that’s a big deal from my father to family of Kim. My mother, she supports him and found me and Kim Seul Bi, we’re growing up really close, you know...” Park Dong Ha answered, “You did like her, right?” Song Han Seul was blushed, “You’re there.”
Both of them remembered everything the past from kid until the last time they both together. Song Han Seul sang the song and Kim Seul Bi follow him. “You’re good singer, Oppa.” Song Han Seul glad to hear that, “One day, I will follow you. Wherever you go.” Song Han Seul saw how beautiful she is, “You are so beau...” Then, almost he kiss her, she just stood up. From behind of great tree, the young Park Dong Ha In listened both of them singing and also saw that failure kiss. “Who’s there?” asked Kim Seul Bi. Park Dong Ha then ran away. He came in because he really want to see Kim Seul Bi, who actually the one who singing at that night fair long ago. Song Han Seul saw how Park Dong Ha ran away, he actually kind of mad, “Ah... why he got caught?” Kim Seul Bi also already left. On the present day, they both laughed. Suddenly, Choi Tae Jun came and said, “My father asked you.” So, they both departed from Song Han Seul. Song Han Seul has the thought laughing, alone “I thought you really want it. I miss you, Kim Seul Bi.” There comes Song Jia, “My son. Come on, join the party.” Song Han Seul came with her, “Yes, mother.”

“We will go early, to my resident.” Said Choi Tae Jun, because they went to park lot, “It’s not my father who really want to see you, but it’s my grandfather.” Park Dong Ha wondered, “Choi Seung Yeon?” Then, before Park Dong Ha went to the car, Choi Tae Jun warned him, “You, stay away  from my girl. I didn’t know what your real plan to make the scenes, stranger. But, if you’re messing with Moon Na Ra, I will put you to the depth from bottom of your life.” Park Dong Ha said, “If you say so, Sir.” After he gone, Choi Tae Jun called his grandfather and report that Park Dong Ha is already on his way. Choi Tae Wook came, “What did you do, son?” Choi Tae Jun answered, “Grandpa wants to talk with him.” Choi Tae Wook seems on the stress, “You should’ve told me before you do that.” Choi Tae Jun then back answer, “You said that secrecy negotiation supposed to be my task. Why you gave it to someone else? I almost fell to your promise, again.” Choi Tae Wook answered, “It’s true.” Choi Tae Jun replied, “It’s alright, Father. All this time, Grandpa was right. Mother left you because you always kept secrets and no one really knows what inside your head. What then? You give my position to someone else? I work hard, Father. We’re being invited to this party because of me. I pulled down all the bad words of what you did on Kim Seul Bi’s 6th birthday long ago. I made friends with family of Song. And, now what? At the end, you trust someone’s child than your own child. I follow your instruction, get wed with family of Moon. You know what, I got embarrassed by that guy. He put his arm to my girl tonight. You chose that stranger that your own son? I couldn’t believe it. Just do whatever you want, Father.”

Kim Seo Jeon found Choi Tae Jun kind of have argument with his father, “What’s happening to that young man?” Song Han Dong next to him, “Family issue. That’s common. I used to do that with Song Han Seul. But, people said it’s because Choi Tae Jun, family of Choi finally got your permission to be at this party.” Kim Seo Jeon surprised, “Really? That’s why I always wonder why you invite them to your party. I mean, technically it’s my party and I don’t like them.” Song Han Dong laughed, “It’s my house and I can invite anyone to come in if I want to. Park Dong Ha is also my son’s friend. Basically, Choi Tae Jun got invited because of Song Han Seul, too. So... it’s not my fault. He asked me from foreign country, and surprised he came, too. He’s a good kid, you know, right? He likes you and he likes Kim Seul Bi. He missed her so much just like you. I think, he did that because he cares about you. Family of Choi, Family of Kim, and even you invite your real enemy, family of Moon. Not me.” They both laughed, “Ah, I wonder if my daughter is still here, Han Dong. My wife might still in the good health and today might not that party.” Song Han Dong asked, “What? Party of our children engagement?” they both laughed again.

Choi Tae Jun came back to Moon Na Ra, “Where’s your father?” asked her. Choi Tae Jun said, “He follows that kid to our resident. What, do you want to follow them, too?” Moon Na Ra replied, “Don’t be a child, Tae Jun. They must do important thing.” Choi Tae Jun was still angry, “I do really like you, I care about you, Moon Na Ra. All this time, I have a great compassion for your agony to me. I don’t know why but I thought you want to know about my patience. I do honest to you. I wait for your return. But, you seem never really want to know about me. Is it true if our wedding might because politic wedding?” Moon Na Ra then said, “You knew, then.” Choi Tae Jun got hurt, “Whenever you kiss me, were they even real?” Moon Na Ra said, “Why you bring these things at this time, Oppa? We’re in the middle of party.” Choi Tae Jun just kept going, “Have you even love me?” Moon Na Ra just stared at him. People around heard it. Choi Tae Jun came to Moon Na Ra and wants to kiss her but Moon Na Ra rejected it in front of people. “Thank you to be honest to me.” Choi Tae Jun left Moon Na Ra. Moon Won Do came late, “What have he done?” Moon Na Ra was so embarrassed. “It’s alright, my daughter.”

Kim Soo Joo fell asleep at her bedroom. Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In just quickly came to her alarm tone and deleted it. “To make sure if she not wake up and make another alarm, let’s keep the phone outside the room.” So, they put it on the living room. They both were cleaning all the mess, “Kim Soo Joo seems really want to get into KaYu Books Publisher.” Kang Ji Hwan answered, “We were all orphan kids. We made our own parents. Kim Soo Joo lived with us since she’s already teenager. Just like us, nobody wants teenage orphan. But, she always felt comfortable by her own. I believed she has parent, out there.” Lee Ga In, “Well, she cried for this party of Kim Seo Jeon and Kim Taessa. Do you think she’s the daughter of both of them?” Kang Ji Hwan laughed, “Their daughter died three years ago!” Lee Ga In still wondered, “But, three years ago, Kim Soo Joo came to our orphanage house.” Kang Ji Hwan said, “Hmmm... do you want to do the research?” Lee Ga In said, “Well... if we can get the picture of their daughter at that time, we might...” Then, Kang Ji Hwan brought the computer to the living room, “Let’s see. Kim’s daughter named Kim Seul Bi and look at the picture...” They were surprised. “She’s KIM SEUL BI!”

Choi Tae Wook arrived in front of his resident. He found Choi Seung Yeon and Park Dong Ha already talked. That suddenly, he found Park Dong Ha prefers to leave, “You’re mistaken, Sir. I’m not coming to KaYu Books Publisher to do such things.” Choi Seung Yeon saw Choi Tae Wook and Choi Tae Wook asked, “What did you do, Father?” Choi Seung Yeon was laughing, “He’s truly like you, Son. Well, think about it again, Park Dong Ha. It’s a big opportunity for you.” Park Dong Ha left and Choi Tae Wook angry, “Will you stop interfere with all of my employess, Father?” Choi Seung Yeon just answered, “It’s not wrong, it’s also not right. That’s politic. You did a great job, my son.” Choi Tae Wook left him, “I don’t need your compliment.” He ran to Park Dong Ha, and he asked to brought him home. Park Dong Ha inside the car, “Sir, what is it? All this time, KaYu Books Publisher would never made wrong facts about politic, right?” Choi Tae Wook couldn’t answer that. But, then, he asked, “Do you really want the job, son?” Park Dong Ha said, “Yes, Sir.” Choi Tae Wook then asked, “Work on politic books are not like any other book department. You need to know exactly where you stand. You are a good kid, son. But, you’re so new with this field.” Park Dong Ha then said, “Teach me, then, Sir.” Choi Tae Wook said, “What Choi Seung Yeon told you?” Then, Park Dong Ha said, “He said that I need to give the project to Choi Tae Jun and I need to help Moon Won Do’s campaign.” Choi Tae Wook said, “Hmmm....” Park Dong Ha said, “If I said yes, it means I really put Kim Seo Jeon into some kind of a trap.” Choi Tae Wook said, “You are.” Park Dong Ha asked, “What are you suggest, Sir?” They finally arrived. Then, he look at this stranger kid, “You see, son. Tomorrow is the result who’s going to get into our book publisher. Do you still remember that Kim Soo Joo’s file?” Park Dong Ha surprised, “Did she get the job?” Choi Tae Wook then said, “Well, she’s really the one who asked for you to get accepted to our book publisher. She read your CV and she’s actually had the same idea with you. About KaYu Books Publisher, about we actually the main place where our nation read our all books for the facts we give to them. She made me to believe that you really a great candidate to be our employee. But, then we still reject your CV.”

It turns to the flashback of the morning when she came to KaYu Books Publisher and ask to return Park Dong Ha’s file. When they were asking her name and she said, “Kim Soo Joo,” there’s the Secretary Choi Tae Wook, Uh Brian. Uh Brian knew about Kim Soo Joo’s CV and he’s being mentioned by Choi Tae Wook if this girl shows up and he would bring her to him. Later, Kim Soo Joo was already in this meeting with Choi Tae Wook. Kim Soo Joo was wearing her casual outfit and she didn’t prepare anything, or even her new CV.  Jo Brian also wondered but then, when Kim Soo Joo arrived and greetings Choi Tae Wook, she done it elegantly. She also sat with a genuine style when her outfit seems so not formal. Kim Soo Joo asked, “Please, Sir, it is my mistake. And, here’s Park Dong Ha’s file.” But, then Choi Tae Wook asked her to have a seat and he gave her CV, “You’re not from literature or publishing major. In your resume, you said something that really put us into wonder about you.” And Kim Soo Joo asked, “What is it, Sir?” and Choi Tae Wook said, “It’s your good in English, France, and Japanese. And, you gave us your resume about three books: Don Juan by Lord Byron, The Lover by Marguerite Duras, and The Master of Go by Yasunari Kawabata. They were all amazing. And you’re not from any university?” Kim Soo Joo was in silent, “Kid, why you want to come to KaYu Books Publisher?” Choi Tae Wook was really wondered. Until, Kim Soo Joo said, “By reading heroic characters or villains, from the tragedy into comedy. I love fiction, Sir. To tell you the truth, in this life, so many people has their own brains and their own imaginations. To give us hope when facts might shake our feet, our strength, our own ideology. And, KaYu Books Publisher is the right place so the citizen will know, we listen their voices, too. How? By look all of these books, all of these writers, they were once citizen, like us. And, bravely, they poured out all of their thoughts into their books. Don’t you think that books are not just for politic? That’s whenever I saw KaYu Books Publisher. So, imagine the chances to from 1 to hundred millions ideas to make fiction are like one of those three fictions. And, I want to read them and do my best to find those pearls, for you, Sir. For KaYu Books Publisher.” Choi Tae Wook then asking, “Tell what’s your favorite than all of the three?”Kim Soo Joo said, “The Master of Go. It’s basically how we learn Go chessboard. I never really play it so, it gives me great time to read it, honestly. But well, the two others also great, too. I might say Don Juan was really awkward for me. So many love affairs that in the end, Lord Byron fell in love with different than any other heroine girl characters he made from the beginning of the story. Then, when from The Lover, it’s actually autobiographical book but looks kind of fiction. I first noticed it from the opera of Miss SaigonThe Master of Go, Don Juan, and The Lover are the novels that reveals the reality of writer’s life. It’s exactly what KaYu Books Publisher meant for, right? To find people can put their fiction related with our life. I mean, I can put Twilight books because it represents teenagers interest nowaday, but, I was very hard to accept the fourth book. That’s unrealistic. I prefer watching tv series True Blood, I mean with all your consideration.” Choi Tae Wook laughed, “You did watch True Blood?” Kim Soo Joo answered, “I did like vampire love kind that thing. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Queen of Damned, Vampire Diairies, An Interview with a Vampire, and True Blood.” Choi Tae Wook asked, “So, you’re saying KaYu Books Publisher needs you because we will not just selling politic books but also books of fictions that actually represents our lifetime?” Kim Soo Joo answered, “It’s anyone secret that for some reason, KaYu Books Publisher have become politic transportation to our citizens. It’s alright, Sir, if you don’t agree. But, hear me out, I have this different perspective. For me, KaYu Books Publisher has great amount of favor from our citizens. Whatever books are recommended. On that case, if we publish fictions, even if it’s a trash, it will get great amount of profit. Now, our citizens judge the book by its cover. We will put KaYu Books Publisher fiction section to a new level. We find our local writer who writes politic issue nowadays. Or any department like education, trade, criminal, seems like dramas on television. They gave us fresh package of fictions that represents the story of life nowadays. Or, we could say like The Newsroom!” Choi Tae Wook also laughed, “I like that tv series.” The last Kim Soo Joo said, “The different from novels and politic books are who will really read the books and digest it very careful. Novels can be bought by all generations while politic books might just being bought by people who really wants to know about it. Do teenager wants to know about politic nowadays? I don’t think so. It’s like cheating on your test because you put the all cheat-paper under your test sheet. It’s also like Park Dong Ha ssi did. It must be hard for you to trust him. But, I read his CV and I assure you, he’s really a great candidate for that department. The right man in the right place. He knew exactly about the strategy, even though he never has any history on the field. You should accept him, Sir. If not, then it will be such a big loss for KaYu Books Publisher.” Choi Tae Wook asked the last question, “And, will you agree if we accept him but with consider not accepting you?” That time, Kim Soo Joo said, “Yes.”

Park Dong Ha walked alone to his home and there’s his father out from house, “Where were you going?” Park Dong Ha then hugged his father, “Just...” He said nothing. “What happen to you?”

Then, the ending was the day of acceptance. In the morning, Kim Soo Joo woke up so late, it’s even 7 AM. She had no work for morning, later she out from room and go to the kitchen, she was surprised there’s Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In with pale desperate facial. “What happened?” They both saying, “It’s our fault hijacked your alarm. We’re so hungry, cook us something please, Kim Soo Joo.” Kim Soo Joo laughed and she started to cook. Later, they were all eating and Kim Soo Joo ate crackers. Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In stared to each other. They were in this situation if they really want to tell Kim Soo Joo about her real past. But before they started to talk, “Ah, where’s my phone?” Lee Ga In suddenly said, “On living room!” Kim Soo Joo left them both. “Should we tell her, Oppa?” Kang JI Hwan said, “Rather than tell her, we should ask her! But, we also need great words about it. Like if she knew what she did was wrong. She’s running away from home and she fake her death. Does it means she’s really not in that well? I mean, we read about her that she has mental disabilities.” Lee Ga In punched Kang Ji Hwan, “How long have we lived with Kim Soo Joo? How dare you saying that?” Kang Ji Hwan said sorry. “So, it means of some kind of reason.” Lee Ga In then asked, “What if she never really want to be found?” Kang Ji Hwan said, “Why?” Lee Ga In, “Well, she remain death after the accident. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with it?” Kang Ji Hwan said, “I’m not sure....Let’s check again!” He brough his laptop to the dining table, when they both tried to look Kim Seul Bi’s profile again, Kim Soo Joo showed up in front of her, they closed the laptop so fast. “What is it, Kim Soo Joo?” Kim Soo Joo look at her smartphone and she was so shocked, “I got the job.” Kim Soo Joo got it. Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ga In also happy, “She got it!” They are happy to hear that.

And, yes, Park Dong Ha accepting the offer to work in KaYu Books Publisher.

Later, both Kim Soo Joo and Park Dong Ha were in front of KaYu Books Publisher building. Once again, they both were looking to each other.


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